Actress bath was blasted by family, the children were 8 years old his bath!

guide language: a few days ago, the Japanese actress choi bud just force participation during the variety show revealing & other; Now also will be with your dad & throughout; Attract audience, actually the baths can promote parent-child relationship with their parents also can undertake sex education of natural science, but to the children of 8 years, and he should stop!

just force the color bud by netizens shelling

childhood have parents to help us take a shower of memory, the children about mom and dad in the north to bathhouse with experience. But as we grew up, parents will let us take a bath, especially the daughter and father, son and mother, because of gender parents began to choose to avoid. Recently, the Japanese actress choi bud just force because parents and attract netizens shelling the baths.

according to the report of ettv cloud has 25 model actor choi bud just force recently took part in the variety show when talking about family life habit, she said, people always have the habit of taking a bath, not only the family when traveling bag under hot spring hall ruined chat together, yet she still often with your mom or dad, don’t find what’s wrong. Just force the color bud also explain: & other; One could feel grown up also and family bath very strange, but because it is our family common habits, we have no more spare lenovo. Throughout the &;

although Japanese households have the habit of taking a bath, but there’s survey data show that Japanese girls in elementary school are independent shower, just force the color bud home an example of this is really rare. In Asian countries, folkway relatively conservative, especially for the boundaries of gender and ethics is relatively clear, Internet users and the public to accept 25 year old girl also with your father: & other; All 25 also bath with dad? Throughout the &; & other; Too sick & throughout; & other; My children grow up a little myself don’t take a shower together throughout the &; & other; I respect your ideas, but cannot understand & throughout; .

actually for parents and children, a total of bath, bath or help children is has many advantages. Can help children know when bathing the various parts of the body, at the same time can also be positive nature of the early sex education. Parents are the first teachers of children education, including sex education, and no matter adults or children, and is the most relaxing at home, the most natural. Beijing forestry university, director of the institute and gender, famous sex education expert fang said & other; Good sex education can grow in the bath together and understand the difference. Throughout the &;

to bath time with children, there are 3 years old children according to the survey the difference can be the difference between men and women; 5 years old children to clearly show the sensitive attitude, and make said & other; Nausea & throughout; In the reaction. Therefore, when a child is not to produce men and women have other question or curiosity, namely before 4 years old, is can use the male and female children & other; Bath & throughout; Or with heterosexual parents bath method to solve them about what is the difference between men and women of this kind of problem. But when a child has obvious gender consciousness, education should be on the next step, such as some show private parts is not open to members of the opposite sex, and so on. When children grow up to 7-8 years old, should be to close the bathroom door and respect their privacy.