A woman derailed monologue: why should I betray her husband


derailed a woman’s monologue: why should I betray her husband

net friend letter:

I am a cheat woman, after her husband know that I give him a cuckold, for marriage, in the face of the husband divorce, I don’t have to retain, and no mistake, but to accept, because when I was going to cheat, is waiting to ask I divorce her husband. Because of marriage, also often see some other people’s affair, for those who are a & lsquo; Cheating men can forgive, women cheating was abused & rsquo; Remarks, I scoffed at.

now, I want to tell you why I cheat:

free love and her husband, fall in love, he is good to me, at that time, he has no house, no car, no stable job, because he is good to me, so I can regardless of the opposition, even scold by friends is lack of brain water, still married him. During my pregnancy, however, he don’t accompany me to walk, even when I lie down like a sip of water, he is not willing to give me down, but blame me about; On the day I gave birth to the child, he is not beside, escort if he was at work, I can also accept, the key is, in his drinking with friends;

the child age, one night I woke up to sleep, found him still playing mobile phone, I was also my hand is out of control, come and watch the phone, he had discovered, he was chatting with a married woman, chat content is ugly. I scolded him, he hit me.

after the children in the kindergarten, after her husband to send their children to school in the morning, in less than ten o ‘clock at night, don’t go home, the whole day, I don’t see his shadow. At that time, I’ll give him a call during lunch time. Normally, his answer was, I can give you a few thousand dollars regularly every month, you tube I do outside. Gradually, I don’t give him a call.

there are time, I was sick a high fever, let him buy some medicine to send me back. He said so, I thought you were slumped on the bed didn’t move a muscle, don’t have a fever, and not the dead, to buy medicine, love to eat not to eat. Since then, I went to the man and chilling.

the year before, I met a divorced man in the work, he is very kind to me, so I am tempted. Knowing that he won’t stay long in the city of my life, also know that I will not to quit his job to follow him, but, I am back for the impossible to marry my man for her husband wearing a green hat. Finally, discovered by her husband, I rolled out from the siege, and lover also because of the work must be, from my life.

under the present situation, although I will at some point some lonely, but that is no longer a day in front of the person doesn’t love me for marriage. Not fun, not defend himself, just want to tell all men: there is a cuckold because men to women is not good enough.

reply online:

sometimes, marriage is not a lost & lsquo; Money & rsquo; , also not be lost & lsquo; Tempted & rsquo; , it is very simple to & lsquo; Your Ta is not good enough & rsquo; . Cheating is wrong, but, ask yourself: there is no an affair happen and no divorce of husband and wife, how much is not because the moral constraints or because they don’t give up the child, in the pool of marriage?

there was a time, there are special popular cartoon, the theme is: friendship boat said turn on. Then, put the cartoon form in today’s marriage, husband and wife feelings say cracking occurs.

infidelity in marriage and divorce is already in the modern age, people cannot avoid a problem, if you have encountered such a misfortune, want to ask: is your marriage did not defeat & lsquo; Money & rsquo; And & lsquo; Temptation & rsquo; , but lost to lover? Marriage is not a love cold ass, nor money piled mountain, but to cherish each other. Otherwise, also won’t have so many marriages and want to remarry after a divorce.