A professor at the university of bachelor’s crisis caused public outcry

guide language: recently, news about China’s gender imbalance, we see an endless population scholars, senior statistician Yao Meixiong judgment, bachelor’s full-blown crisis may be in 2020 years. Another authority statistics show that China’s future will be more men than women from 3000 to 35 million people, & other; Hard to marry & throughout; Topic triggered heated debate. Zhejiang institute of finance and economics professor Xie Zuoshi wrote & other; Low income of men how to do? One way is a few people together to find a wife. Throughout the &; Lead to public outcry & hellip; & hellip; DetailPic

about bachelor, a professor at the university of crisis public outcry

data to speak: China suffers a bachelor tide

according to the national bureau of statistics data released, birth population sex ratio down to 117.7 in 2012 in China, but the population sex ratio imbalance is still serious, and tens of millions of population of marriageable men more than women. Aerin, a professor in the school of renmin university of China society and population after an interview once said: & other; Experts also specially done this speculation on the one hand, China’s single will have 30 million to 35 million. Throughout the &;

similarly, population and scholars, senior statistician Yao Meixiong wrote recently in the China business news, single full-blown crisis may be in 2020 years:

in the first marriage age of 22 to 26 on behalf of women, with 24 to 28 men first marriage age, by 2020, 24 to 28, 49 million men, and women aged 22 to 26 only 39 million people, more male than female, 10 million people, only to the low age women to mate. Due to the low age imbalance between men and women continue to produce, has been in high situation, so this problem will be very difficult. Can cause early marriage, engagement, marriage, or sales increase, leading to marriage dislocation, generational competition and adultery, gooseberry, out-of-wedlock birth, sex, crime and other social phenomenon.

if the adult male diverged into class has a spouse and without spouse & other; A man & throughout; Class, on the level of the whole social development after a steps, there are a large group of & other; A man & throughout; Unable to start a family, failed to get married when the wedding, which will greatly damage the interests of their own, will greatly reduce the special groups of the identity of the society, will be even a few of them against the social cause.

economists reading: & other; Low-income people can close to find a wife & throughout;

for the above data & confirmed by the other; Bachelor crisis & throughout; , zhejiang institute of finance and economics professor Xie Zuoshi wrote “& other 30 million singles & throughout; is alarmist”, at the beginning of the article, he points out that & other; I don’t deny the fact that 30 million singles, but I deny will appear such serious social problem. Throughout the &; The article from the perspective of economics to analyze this problem at the same time, the & other; Low income of men how to do? One way is a few people together to find a wife. This is not my fantasy, in those remote poor places, there are brothers and marry a wife, and they have a happy. Throughout the &; The language of the shocking, at that time lead to public outcry.

some netizens said, that is, irrespective of the human nature is ridiculous nonsense; Have net friend say, it’s a ignorance of the professor, there is no common sense; But there are also net friend says, this article explain social problems from economics Angle, should not be read too much.

economists, Beijing normal university school of management professor dongfan called for netizens to view this reason, he said & other; This is indeed a controversial article. Dispute occurred, not from economics point of view of right and wrong, but economists had moral vindicator, everybody’s thinking was not in a rut. Throughout the &; He said further, & other; 30 million single demand, from the view of economists is not a big deal, really marriage market must be solve the train of thought, such as transnational marriage, immigration, this sort of thing sure a large increase in the future), and professor xie mentioned, all the way of recognition, etc. Throughout the &;