A middle-aged man in northeast of the Spring Festival

gift CARDS sent led a circle spent their monthly wages, son crying smashed his newly bought the kindle, wife eager to send children to he disdains & other; Traditional sinology class & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; The family reunion dinner on the table, as home only & other; Work in organs throughout the &; Relatives filed any trouble, will put his eye on & hellip; & hellip; However, in the eyes of outsiders, every step of his life perfect.

a northeast middle-aged man festival havoc

the northeast of snow since three months ago, like a dead to tie up lousy dozen of extramarital love people, with more than one hundred days to stubborn, not romantic used to become the most helpless in everyone.

zhen-dong liu didn’t open in snow tires Honda accord, carefully in the city’s main road, the mouth keep scold: & other; This snow X bury! Throughout the &;

this is the last working day before the Spring Festival evening peak.

zhen-dong liu mood is not so good, because for him, the Chinese New Year is a disguised as carnival.


gift CARDS sent led a circle spent their monthly salary, always calm inside collect mother menopause symptoms, son crying smashed his newly bought kindle… & hellip;

the family is the most heartless zhen-dong liu’s father, home and noisy into what can sleep fast.

after all his old man’s house was on time every morning to open the letter, have ceremony feeling after mass once the weather forecast, but also with some of the avatar is a pot of money plant LaoNianMen son send you red roses or baby laughing expression package, open a day trip to middle-aged and old mobile Internet.

the parents are intellectuals, thirty years ago is a typical literary youth, “goldbach conjecture”, “river elegy”, haizi, ShuTing & hellip; .. Every word of all want to on music, write down each sentence is like a poem, clean like the morning after the rain.

mother father still often say first brought home, the father refuses to remove frog mirror, and grandpa drank after two jins of liquor, also perfectly imitates the sound of the yuefeng qiu and mother frolicking: & other; What’s the matter? Du qiu, tired? Throughout the &;

after the ninety s, the world suddenly made a sharp turn toward fast lane. Young people no longer interesting, they fled and boldly into the new era.

father worked as a international profiteer, to just experiencing upheaval, thirsty Russia sell nail clippers, down jacket, light industrial goods. Mother sauteed stock with other people, nice hotel opened several business.

in the long run is to earn enough money, join in immigration northeast middle class club in hainan.


during the Spring Festival in 2017, is the parents 35th anniversary, there is now a exhausting meal waiting for zhen-dong liu.

parents assembled a group of old comrades, ready to celebrate in advance, as the only child of zhen-dong liu nature must attend.

zhen-dong liu entered the room, grinning immediately took off his coat, wearing red turtleneck with a same red parents sat side by side. Far away, the three people in a couplet, more is happy good.

zhen-dong liu to present here are very familiar with the guests.

gray-haired who wear glasses, is the original trade union chairman, like writing, recently spent more than twenty thousand dollars to find press out of an autobiography, how about their from a great guy after a struggle and insight, tedious story become a government cadres;

lace scarves fat aunt is my mother’s best friend, to play mahjong all day and in the circle of friends write poetry, ninety s mother to practice qigong, both head high pressure pot in basketball court meditation, it can cover & other Throughout the universe energy & receiver; ;

in mink ma3 jia3 is a contractor, outside of the rumors have four or five daughter-in-law, which are not good-looking, but a game a be dead set on him, is a cold and play eldest brother & hellip; & hellip;

in northeast such big meal very characteristics: according to the clockwise order, everyone must address a toast, this call & other; Throughout the wine &; .

atmosphere is more active, as this is a test about worldly wisdom. Level of speaking, it will directly decided to mention broken position in the table, and how much.

nowhere, people didn’t turn to the most fresh vegetables, mouth at the same time keep a face of rinpoche’s gentle expression, brain functioning at a rapid pace, in order to create the most respectable speech draft.

after all, older people, are willing to clap for these fine words of degree.

wine lead three cruise, lunch draws to a close, the old people wanting more, and went to a KTV continued spread.

the KTV big box there was a buddhist shrine, which honours face big gold-plated guan Yin.

and just still use written repeatedly addressed who cuddle together, “ten niangs”, “the heart rain”, “pink memories & hellip; .. Is full of romantic songs and enjoy molesting behind the silence of the bodhisattva.

zhen-dong liu, of course not interested and they compete for the microphone, he didn’t drink, on the grounds of drive his turn to wine on the table when it’s simple to say a few words, did a half cup of macro bollywood first home.

he felt very tired, the prelude of the Spring Festival is full of power off.

and the next day he has to face a new challenge: accompany a wife back before New Year’s eve.


the wife and he is a university student, they gave up the job opportunities in Beijing after graduation, entered a civil servant, go home together and got married, the second year in a son was born.

in the eyes of outsiders, perfect each step of the way.

so, all people talk of marriage zhen-dong liu, will use & other; Have a positive thing & throughout; To describe him. He always felt that what was wrong.

love, how can have & other; Are things & throughout; To describe?

this winter, basically son learned to speak, his wife recently produced an idea: they would send the poor child into a Chinese learning class, in-depth study “disciple gauge”.

the northeast folk elements, and away from the hometown of Confucius, but traditional sinology class number as putian is a clinic on the market.

the wife phase of the traditional sinology class very populist policies: entrance first don’t money, children eat three meals a day, pour the classic back such as flow after the charge fees.

zhen-dong liu, thought the boss or traditional sinology class very patriotic, or it’s too love to cook, no matter which, seems not like a decent man.

it’s a pity that his wife was adamant that he also does not have good reason to fight against, just let it be.

this is not the first time that zhen-dong liu compromise to his wife, he seems to a may not be love, entered the own don’t want life to, turned didn’t turn out so many years. Because unfortunately, he didn’t know what they want to play.


the wife’s home in the suburbs, drove to need an hour and a half.

eighty years ago, an ambitious Japanese plutocrat where he was trying to build the far east’s largest rubber processing factory; After the liberation, with all industrial town in northern China, there is a new world full of hope.

but now, the blocks segment along the way and the endless cornfields, are good laugh at the south KeMeng.

the wife’s father is a laid-off workers, built more than 20 years motorcycle. First will hand even when in-laws didn’t wash oil, let very abandon zhen-dong liu’s mother. But in fact, my father-in-law are good people, zhen-dong liu know.

a into the bungalow, the earth is full of moist black footprint. Relatives in sour pickled cabbage stewed pork for dinner, mother-in-law set out a bowl slowly good frozen pear, old father-in-law took to rehearse for a long time of warm tone:

& other; Coat just throw on the kang, I didn’t also a hanging clothes, don’t seat son, hurry up on them! Know your waist is bad, lie kang will be branded a flipping available on the matter! Throughout the &;

zhen-dong liu revealed good son-in-law standard smile: & other; No no, I take this line. Throughout the &;

& other; This year, can carry less important? Throughout the &; Father sitting on the edge of a kang tilted slightly deliberately legs, and handed zhen-dong liu a red berries.

& other; Spring, almost sent in materials, and the home recently good huh? Throughout the &;

& other; Fine fine, you brother-in-law graduated from college, what company work in shenyang, than with you, he that is not a proper job. Throughout the &;

& other; Shenyang is stronger than the za this, young people to travel to travel. Throughout the &;

zhen-dong liu said to it, tone significantly weakened.


brother-in-law half a year ago in shenyang to enter an office where it is said that the Internet company registered in Hong Kong, in the circle of friends, every day to update a photo national leaders or Mr. Ma’s low pixels, and matches by the marketing of team’s sayings.

the whole family all don’t understand what is the Internet company, but was this boy scare one leng one leng.

only zhen-dong liu know that call & other; RED HILL” Hong Kong Internet company is came, the boss is not Hong Kong people, but from the Inner Mongolia chifeng, so the company name & other; RED HILL” .

is essentially a derivative team, selling 3 without the mask and massage.

his brother-in-law tube to borrow thirty thousand dollars, say & other; Start-up capital for the development of offline & throughout; , turn zhen-dong liu finishing up to investigate the truth, but because of the brutal still haven’t told my family, the money has be treading water.

zhen-dong liu to go to the bathroom, brother-in-law suddenly gather together in: & other; Brother-in-law, we started to play in fast hands this year the new media. The whole live, etc. Have your money before you have it, you don’t talk to me first elder sister said ao. Throughout the &;

& other; Money didn’t also say, you still go home and do some serious work, just you whole those broken force stuff can earn money. Throughout the &; Zhen-dong liu tie belt, back into the house.

zhen-dong liu is somewhat impatient, he often helps his brother-in-law pendulum.

the first few years this boy made a girlfriend, two people go to tattoo, stabbing each other’s name on his arm.

girl though and is a typical social creature, studying at a vocational school of nursing. Basic don’t have a class, have raised a bicycle hit to their classmates, played in a tire, a day to smoke a pack of changbai mountain.

brother-in-law was still at college, but it happened that attracts the female hero. Until one day zhen-dong liu to see him holding a bottle of beer in hand-pulled noodles gym cry, just like just down the stage of the “art life”.

ask just know, that girl was derailed.

& other; What the hell’s infidelity, when she on the orbit? Come on! The waiter comes back to you a mention of beer! Throughout the &;

from close brother-in-law became a brother-in-law most trusted people, well, thirty thousand yuan is also later.


the food on the table, the kang heat, family invited zhen-dong liu to old father-in-law on the right-hand side table, old father-in-law’s position is opposite, is the so-called & other; Lord with & throughout; And his position on the right-hand side of the call & other; Guest & throughout; , that is, the most distinguished guest.

listen to the mother-in-law that as from the ministry of foreign affairs chief of protocol is introduced, zhen-dong liu feel a little nervous.

and sure enough, the old uncle was found during the winter of uremia, the eldest son of the old aunt milk’s house in the city of hotel business license always do not come down, three yes home cousin because gambling owed $eighty thousand debt & hellip; ..

as home only & other; Work in organs throughout the &; , these relatives filed which pile which pieces, will put your eye on.

a big New Year’s day, the warmth of the family is not only a reunion, is also a heavy burden. Zhen-dong liu to sit & other; Associate with & throughout; A wife to wink, his wife got the message, and find ways to put the conversation from time to time.

greetings and end of the test, and relatives in the prostrate silence.

the table to eat frozen mashed garlic white bears a layer of oil, the TV plays of calendar year gala crosstalk sketch, kun struggle in tiger cave people are struggling to look forward to someone can open a new topic for all to shu xin point.

it’s a pity that life is full of uneven rocky plain, which have so much to let a person comfortable, people gradually away from the table, to research the next board game of mahjong: one hundred and twenty caps, not bifurcation don’t open the door.

as the old father-in-law last grain with wine eaten peanuts, Fried shrimp, sweet potato and kumquat instead of kill pig food on the table, zhu and Dong Qing appearance, the whole world is in a congratulatory message to us, but the pressure but the kang reshuffle.

the mother-in-law wiping hand full of starch, smoking alone to squat down on the window sill zhen-dong liu:

& other; Cooperates ah, your parents will go to sanya to settle things over the years I’ve heard about, I just didn’t not bashful, house of the old man to the heart hasn’t been good, seem I have ministered unto him, let me to your house to help both the care of the children, a tough, tell your mother don’t serving. Throughout the &;

zhen-dong liu cordial nod: & other; That’s ok, no more tightly, pay the nanny. Throughout the &; Say that finish put out the remaining half smoke, jump down on the kang, just like a root single disposable chopsticks.


back to the city the next day, his wife drive, zhen-dong liu on the co-pilot snoring all the way. null