A man should make allowance for remarried women’s selfishness

my marriage with her husband only to maintain the eleven years he became my husband, two people is the chief cause of divorce I found he was with other women in the outside, and bold to live with the woman of a child, this is unforgivable principle problem, therefore, after the calm after several conversations with him, he chose the clean body leave home, the day after the divorce, he married the fox woman hastily.

men should make allowance for remarried women selfish psychological

after the divorce, I a person living with children, due to the divorce didn’t dare to tell their parents, divorced and has close to year end, don’t want to Chinese New Year difficult to his parents, so, the first year, I am a person with children New Year back, can’t also can only be temporarily hide from their own parents, lie to parents, the child’s father this year in the unit turn on duty.

of course, things haven’t divorce over the years is know by the parents, parents and family nature is to help his daughter, cursed the son-in-law is not thing, for me, then, it passed.

a year later, have a friend introduced to me a man who is also a divorce, just don’t work in the same city, but the distance between the two cities is only about three hours to the highway’s drive, and then, he came to the city I have ever seen me, when I find him or university alumni, natural affinity between the classmate, let me, he didn’t immediately to the heart of the alert, to know each other only a short more than three months, we meet in that one party to another party, will naturally live together in the evening.

some time ago, I have noticed & other; The big aunt & throughout; Has had almost no more than two months, uneasy heart very worry about pregnancy, so called to tell him he listened to is also very worried, let me double cease day to him, say to want to accompany me to go to see the doctor, and discuss how to do. List and as a result, the hospital is very clear tell us that the results of the inspection is really pregnant. So, I will discuss with him what to do next? Is a shotgun? Or to a hospital doing abortion surgery?

before to him, I also want some kind of solution, if he has a different attitude, I should how to disposal with dignity, in fact, to discuss with him before, I just wanted to test him, see his attitude to her true, if he just want to find a partners or didn’t want to marry me, there’s no need to continue to maintain, already did not have the women at this age can cost of capital, what’s more, I am not the kind of woman is willing to do only lover. Well, he promised to marry me, this let me feel breath a sigh of relief, of course, also very happy.

however, we may be the shotgun, and later from the wedding to the wedding ceremony of husband and wife life, I always feel that he is not happy, and even a reluctant attitude, the honeymoon is not over yet, he hurried to go back to work, then he is not in the school born daughter from a previous marriage, is on the grounds that the overtime hours are too busy to have no time to go home and rarely come back, even if I during childbirth and nursing, and he is just a simple look at the back, did not wait on I didn’t accompany me, and he said to go back in the day, I look easy, are you busy to go back to good.

do confined, my mother came to help me, see son-in-law such lukewarm attitude was very angry, will scold him in front of me, though my heart is the same with my mother, also want to scold him, but on the surface, I still have to persuade their mother to let her don’t be too sensitive, men are always so busy career.

this matter in my heart the result becomes the heart and he be back, I’ll never go to him, even if he didn’t a few months back, I will not take the initiative to give him a call, when he called me, I also deliberately use the tone of a very coldly is similar to a stranger talk to him, I just want to let him feel if you love your ex-wife’s daughter, you don’t have to come to see our children, the children could had nothing to do with you, I can feed two children at the same time.

perhaps he also felt my apathy, perhaps he found that a little bit of guilty conscience, recently, he will give me a call ask home from time to time, from time to time to send a text message or micro letter ask children, from time to time online some children milk powder and articles for daily use to send directly to the home, but I still didn’t give him a good face, also did not give him gentle care, because, I always think the man is unreliable, after all, he and his wife live in the same city, and have a daughter together, the usual contact and I can’t hold, therefore, I always feel that he will one day will return to his former wife, even if can’t go back, try this relationship, is not I can bear.

I for the purpose of his detachment to don’t want to divorce with him, I just want to remind him in this way, I was his legal wife now, our home is the place where he should often come back, if can’t do that, it simply dead don’t come back outside.

now, I’m longing for him to be able to mind completely into our reorganization of the family, although, in the face of the problems in family life, I would also be eccentric in towards your daughter with her ex-husband, very disgusted with his daughter is also very exclusive, bring over don’t want him to live together. But, after all, the two of us there is a common children, the total should be the reasons why he have to go home? After all, I’m a woman, the woman was born to be selfish!