A man love not love you, 3 months of time looking for him to borrow money, you will know

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today when I was boring brush weibo, see a love for post: just know 3 months after his girlfriend want to borrow 80000 to buy a house, borrowed or not?

a man love you or not, 3 months of time looking for him to borrow money, you will know the

80000 isn’t money for me, but for the net friends (ping) (min) is clearly not the case. Most netizens think it absolutely can’t borrow money, said the woman is to put the original poster as a cash machine.

director wei also said, just know 3 months to borrow 80000, suggests that the girl didn’t measure, can’t marry.

I think most people do not know anything about feelings really. This is to borrow money to his girlfriend, and not to lend to just know 3 months of my colleagues.

I can only say that today’s young people feeling view has a problem. As a top celebrities, I read person’s innumerable, here I think it is necessary to tell everyone about the relationship of love and money.


3 months is the most critical period in love.

as you know, just fall in love, the two sides are very reserved, hope someone can see their beautiful appearance.

love is less than 3 months of girl, washes the bath to draw a naked makeup have a wet hair modelling.

go out to eat, no matter what kind of food do only dare to eat two, and nothing but the strawberry cream cakes don’t want to eat (dare).

move bowels fart don dare not even think about it, and her boyfriend together of the time, can only go to the bathroom to enjoy free fleeting is short.

love is less than 3 months of boys, then gestures are show & other; I am a man, I am the yes & throughout; This, from the moment a nest will only play games in the dormitory of the faggots youth into the body and the plumber/window cleaner/take-out delivery man’s universal superman.

at this time, no matter what the girl has requirements, the boy will promise, otherwise consequence is unimaginable.

but once three months, all is not the same.

3 months is a candy, a lot of things will collapse in 3 months of nodes, such as Arsenal’s new season.

bad feelings, less than three months must be split up. And can hold to 3 months, are able to go on.


but true love is like this.

the more a person love you, the easier it is to ta exposed in front of you.

such as pick feet, one nose excrement and fart, such as to borrow money again.

some people think involving money, I want to say these people simply do not deserve love.

you know, money is one of the most painful in all human behavior.

a person willing to give you the ta the most unbearable one side of the performance, the ta must be very love you.

it’s a pity that some people’s eyes only money, can’t see the signs of true love.

she is the love of men, and men his girlfriend, the time to show that really hesitate to deceive philandering the feelings of men.

I hope those girls voice for men can wake up in time, if your boyfriend can’t lend you money, then he must doesn’t love you.


money can’t buy love, money is a person can do the simplest thing for your own object.

please girls think, lend money to him and give birth to a child to give him two things, what things cost more and more difficult to implement? It’s the latter, of course.

please think about the boys also, lend money to his girlfriend and lend girlfriend/spare Switch Switch time with girlfriend two things, what makes you have a headache? Is clearly the latter.

so, even if your object are not willing to lend you money, how can have children with you/take out the switch time to accompany you to play? Even borrow money to such basic things to do, how can always go on with you?


to return to the event itself & ndash; & ndash; The actress was very clearly in their relationship to 3 months had fell in love with men. Have to borrow from the men, so the probability has also pick your feet ever pass fart in front of him.

and face each other sincerely, men had the problem of money, not hesitate to think & other; After break up, money or back & throughout; .

this is the most chilling, men also in to find their own retreat, think later can break up. A girl in front of you, please pull excrement pass fart, ask you to borrow money, if you don’t marry her, or a man?

so here, I urge you to think carefully, you cheated?

want to know whether he love you or not, there is still time to ask him to borrow money.