A couple more praise guarantee happiness

guide language: in the marriage life, a lot of daily trivial broke our yearning for happiness, step by step and challenge each other’s tolerance. But if more praise, between husband and wife together will be different.

couple more praise keep happiness

there is a terrible logic, common in failed relationship: due to some reason, that I be affected by some, so we are husband and wife often make antinomy. Between husband and wife, almost without exception will ridicule partner where is not good enough, what went wrong, and believe in each other’s problems. In this logical thinking marriage problems, is a kind of responsibility in each other, what I do is in vain, finally lead to the lost patience, and we run a marriage even broken broken falls.

actually, husband and wife is a whole, marriage problems to make a quarrel, the two sides should be responsible. If both parties are consciously to do things to improve relations, for the marriage of maintenance, the happiness of the couple are beneficial.

in daily life, or after the conflict, both sides of husband and wife should avoid poking fun at each other, learn to introspection and solve problems. Criticism, sarcasm, ridicule each other, will only intensify contradictions, sometimes scold too much, or even broken mirror that ends it. So, don’t blame each other, more self-reflection. When we begin to reflect on & other; What can I do & throughout; , rather than to ask what to do, improving the relationship there is an opportunity. Remember many discovered the advantages of each other, and learn to praise. Marriage means that depend on each other, each other pay, pay much always tired. Don’t think that a partner is good in mind, you don’t say no one knows. A warm heart and sincere praise can make each other feel to affirm their own pay, like the chicken blood, again painstakingly again tired all worth it. Please remember in major holiday treat your partner. Valentine’s day, wedding anniversary, birthday, a lot of couples who are no longer pay attention to. Married life will always be attributed to insipid, daily necessities care, let each other slowly forget love beginner’s mind. Actually a few important festivals each year, using it as an opportunity to treat each other, the usual unpleasant may be forgotten in the days of joy. Festival, just like the long marriage road in the small station, after a short rest can continue again.

all in all, love your partner, with the details of the life to nourish the love, don’t let details defeated the love of life.