“90” after the Spring Festival to hide to urge marriage, want to ingenious methods dealing with parents

Hong Kong media said, the Spring Festival is coming, more and more people choose to travel in mainland Chinese New Year. According to China’s tourism research and tourism website Spring Festival travel abroad, according to a report released on spring holidays break this year is expected to reach 6.5 million, outbound passengers scale for most of history. Nearly 200 major cities throughout the country people will be in the Spring Festival to 68 countries and more than 700 cities at home and abroad, outbound tourism consumption of 9500 yuan per capita.

to avoid urge marriage after 90 Chinese & other; Fear of marriage family & throughout; Choose tourism festival

according to Hong Kong’s sing tao daily website on February 6, China academy of travel and tourism website released the 2018 Spring Festival travel abroad trend forecast report, Thailand, Japan, Singapore into one of the most popular with Chinese tourists head top, South Korea who dropped out of the top 10 this year. India is also affected by the volcanic eruption, Bali ranking fell back slightly this year, instead of Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc.

long term aspects, northern Europe, the united Arab emirates, Canada, Italy, the Czech republic is a shock to popular destination. Northern Europe, Canada and enjoy the aurora line registration according to the years increased by more than 150%. This year began implementation of visa-free policy of the united Arab emirates, also is popular. Domestic travel, sanya, Beijing, xiamen is still popular, followed by Shanghai, Harbin.

according to the domestic travel, outbound orders, on spring holidays break this year is expected to reach 6.5 million outbound passengers, and due to the Spring Festival with trips abroad, free product price of 9500 yuan per capita, domestic tourists are spending more than 3500 yuan.

the report also shows that there is a lot of & other; After the 90 & throughout; In order to avoid the Spring Festival home forced marriage, choose to travel. More, according to a survey of tourism festival & other After the 90 & throughout; Young people, a third belongs to & other; Fear of marriage family & throughout; .