61 – year – old cougar dating small fresh young love can help rejuvenation

& have spent guide language: she has married 20 years younger than himself officer, she and 28 at the age of 55 years old young man engaged, now she is with a 61 – year – old college student association & hellip; & hellip; The ripe female Laila Gledhill said, and & other Small meat & throughout; Date let oneself more young and sexy.

61 – year – old British ripe female Laila Gledhill


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according to Britain’s mirror newspaper reports, from the 61 – year – old Yorkshire UK Laila Gledhill sexy looks like a middle-aged belle, she was in and out all day long all about merger accosted by millions of young men. She proudly says he has more than 30 young man interacted, and she in his favor & other; Small meat & throughout; Proud, saying that dating a young man was her the secret of staying young.

Laila Gledhill appear to have & born to other The old cow eat young grass & throughout; Genes, 27 years old when she married, 25, childhood friends, 41, because the man derailed divorce. 42 years old when she married 20 years younger than he handsome officer, due to the husband after marriage family of age bias to divorce. 57 years old when she was engaged to Peter 27 years younger than himself, because she suspected the man after infidelity, relations fell again & hellip; & hellip;

since then, Laila Gledhill began to keen on social networking, her through a dating site and more than 30 young man dating, is currently a college student and exchanges.

Laila Gledhill said: & other; Dating younger men make me look younger, and added a lot of fun for my life. Not to mention the while having sex. Like ripe female, in my opinion, young men think they are more attractive. Have a stable job, close friends, ripe female people don’t lack anything, so need not to the men, settling, in turn, can be free to choose their own like of the person dating. Throughout the &;

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love make people become young has scientific basis for

it is often said that love is to let a person become young, which contains the content is multifaceted. All said & other; Female to yue oneself person look & throughout; , women in love always want to keep the best state, makeup, fitness, beauty, look radiant, young is infinite. Laila Gledhill said, you love & other; Small meat & throughout; It is often criticized, some girls irony she & other; Clothes cover is covered with wrinkles & throughout; And Laila Gledhill by regular life, reasonable diet, moderate exercise, keep myself young state, also put a lot of sexy swimsuit issue as before on the network, malicious attacks from the outside.

in addition to positive thinking young, two feelings mutually yue sex can let a person physically & other; Rejuvenation & throughout; . Pennsylvania school of medicine study suggests: regular sex life can promote metabolism. Japan’s medical research shows that: proper sex helps prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, delay the speed of memory loss.

love is more than can be a young, also make people live longer. Scientists studied 1000 men of Israel with heart problems, found that those who feel wife loves his people and will halve the risk of heart disease and angina.

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bathed in love brings the magic change

to be loved is a happy thing, but love also can let a person change a lot of strange. The huffington post recently in the process of love some surprising facts for parsing.

love can let a person become foolish. at the university of Leiden in the Netherlands, researchers found, are in a relationship of love of people attention, thinking, in verbal memory and digital calculation score is low, because people put a large part of the cognitive resources on the thinking about the person I love.

love can let a person too excited. by neuroscientists at the Albert Einstein college of medicine in the brains of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging scans found that the part of the brain associated with cocaine addiction the same nervous system became more active, the main show is easy to excessive excitement, love to talk, like singing.

love can let a person walking speed slow down. , the researchers found that the lovestruck men will adjust their walking speed, used to match the pace of the partner. This strange phenomenon will not appear when they get along with gay.

love can let a person pain relief. of the state university of New York at stony brook, psychologists have found, in the brain regions that are activated by intense love, is the relief work in the same area. In fact, holding hands with someone you love can alleviate the pain.

love can let a person raising her voice. women in speaking tone and liked men will get higher. Studies have also shown that people who love each other sometimes may be trying to imitate the voices of your partner.

love can let a person of the pupil grow larger. the eye is the window of the soul. Studies have shown that pupil dilation and strong correlation between emotional state.

love can change the heart rate. studies show that people fall in love heart rate will gradually close to the partner’s heart rate, until completely the same.