42, divorced man looking for a “accompany nanny” : need not stem live, 30000 a month

guide language: & other; Paid nannies & throughout; 30000 yuan a month, don’t have to do the housework don’t have to cook. The world should have this good thing? Reporter found that many companies in & other; High salary & throughout; The name of hiring nannies, but they actually & other; Throughout the recruitment &; It is the & hellip; & hellip;

42, divorced man looking for & other; Accompany the nanny & throughout; : don’t have to work a month 30000

August 16 in the afternoon, the reporter to the identity of the applicant on time is located in chaoyang district build the provisions of the location near the subway stop. Coming at this time, a black man, he is a domestic service staff of the company.

the elevator on the 9 floor, the reporter as men dressed in black, through a dark corridor, entered a Noel housekeeping service company called Iraq’s office. Man lead in black, if not, who would have thought that the dark small less than 50 square meters room, actually doing & other; Paid nannies & throughout; In the business.

to take care of the mature man is as high as $30000 a month

bring journalists into office, the black man leant on the boss chair, touching his knee yelled & ndash; & ndash; You want to apply for what position? Reporter: well-paid nanny. Black man:

you can understand the meaning of private nanny? Is to take care of the single boss. Their age will be larger, and 50 years old, even sixty years old. Basically is rich, wages between eighteen thousand to 30000 yuan.

men dressed in black words confused & ndash; & ndash; & have spent Do nanny, what is the relationship between with employers to be single? Employers 40-50 years old even older? Take care of the mature man, salary can reach 30000 pieces? This is looking for a nanny? This will not be with a high salary as bait cheat? But, said the man in black & ndash; & ndash; We don’t accept money!

black man said before no candidates to find the right job will not charge any fee. There (employer) determine agreed to employ you, what do you think there is appropriate, sign the contract here. Anything to find, said the company has written on the contract.

well-paid nanny, sign a contract, there is no charge for early, so tempting job, what are the job requirements? Men dressed in black, said journalists can directly talk to the customer. Then, the man in black to reporters immediately contacted a & other; The employer & throughout; .

don’t have to cook up house & other; Nanny & throughout; Only responsible for & other; Accompany & throughout;

an hour after the interview, on August 16 at 4:30 in the afternoon, the reporter comes to the employer working near a shopping mall. Before the paunchy middle-aged men’s & other; The employer & throughout; .

middle-aged man: & other; You is to build the domestic let you come over? Throughout the &;

reporter: & other; The rightness. Throughout the &;

middle-aged man: & other; How old is this year? Throughout the &;

reporter: & other; 24 years old. Throughout the &;

middle-aged man: & other; So young? Throughout the &;

middle-aged man told reporters that he is 42 years old, is engaged in the clothing business. In simple asked reporters after the age of the native, the employer will directly out of demand & ndash; & ndash; & other; I don’t like to face. I this is also a divorce many years, a person always in Beijing. I want to a date in Beijing. So can you understand? One-on-one private nanny, to pay your wages. Throughout the &;

reporter: & other; I didn’t so much housework experience, afraid can’t do it well. Throughout the &; Middle-aged men: & other; Beijing rich is king. Rice don’t need you to do, I also clean up at home. Throughout the &; Neither to cook, also don’t have to tidy up the room, still white give money, is this a nanny? Heaven will fall pie, middle-aged man see reporter so & other; Pure & throughout; Said more straightforward & ndash; & ndash; & other; Namely a accompany aunt. Without any emotional and financial disputes in it. Throughout the &; & other; But don’t be too complicated relationship, this is I can’t accept. Don’t with the man seduce today with the hook up with you tomorrow. So see. Throughout the &; & other; I don’t so much here to do, the q q, shouldn’t ask don’t ask. Throughout the &;

said earlier, middle-aged man and journalists are to meet at a store. These ugly things, middle-aged man who could say it in such public places. Middle-aged man added: & other; I can only tell you that I’m a normal person, there is no problem. The body is healthy, can go to the hospital. 1000 dollars a day for you. My home the distance away from you, if you think, can be moved. Throughout the &; Just meet to chat, will & other; Move throughout the past &; ?

& other; Paid nannies & throughout; Homemaking company a than a sexually explicit

reporters after a meeting in the end and the middle-aged man, call again a few introduce & other; Paid nannies & throughout; The work of domestic companies. They said on the phone, the same explicit.

A: domestic company is to accompany the nanny understand? More than 20000 a month. Somebody else (the employer) are single, widowed, no risk, one-on-one. Homemaking company B: give your body, you can get so much money. It belongs to the legitimate understand?

find accompany nanny is legal? The lawyer said: impossible.

Sun Rongda YueCheng law firm lawyers, said: & other; Most of the illegal and criminal behavior is legal form to cover his illegal purposes. Name on the surface is introduced nanny, but if the introduced prostitution illegal and criminal behavior, then it has been suspected of a crime, criminal offence, belong to introduce prostitution charges. Throughout the &; At present, the reporter has made investigations content report of the ministry of public security.

pay nannies, fraud or prostitution?

a possibility: & other; The employer & throughout; And this is a group of domestic company. Mediation job show to collect money, middle-aged man said to applicant is preferred. If applicants take the bait, will the goods. 2:

possibility of domestic company is really in the introduction & other Paid nannies & throughout; Work. It’s alleged prostitution charges. Domestic companies, employers and find & other; Paid nannies & throughout; Women working entirely is zhou yu huang gai relationship between a may play a may get.

but whether fraud or introduce prostitution is illegal and criminal behavior! Must be legal sanctions! Don’t believe heaven fell pie, don’t want to get something for nothing.

the original title: & other; Paid nannies & throughout; Use your body for money? 月薪3万不做家务,雇主:北京有钱就是王