400 cases the chinese-style divorce Men want room woman Eva?

KaiShu story a few days ago in the circle of friends that such a video refresh:

“invisible man” in the interview program, Jiang Sida interviewed a well-known divorce lawyer. She had treated at least 400 divorce case, also witnessed the marriage from the seven year itch into three year itch.

400 divorce cases to see Chinese men want room woman Eva?

there is a passage in the video, poked hurt me deeply.

when someone is in the divorce this appeal:

a divorce can, give me a diamond ring.

– we also have a roll of toilet paper, do you want?

– points!

once so love each other, but now I only hate. Divorce, ground was torn face, ugly and rude.

a marriage, at the beginning of the original so beautiful, in the end, but why got so flustered?

– 01 –

“widowed type parenting”

opposition to more and more modern women on marriage. As you can see, from the big data is more than 73.6% of the divorce were women.

the lawyer said, in the Chinese society, women become more and more independent, she no longer attached to men.

I can afford to divorce, big deal alone.

marriage, some men thought, psychological maturity is far lower than the female. Women will think: “I married a man why? My child and husband at the same time.”

, sometimes we joked, “I’m first-born son, second child is his son daddy”. In this sentence the black badinage, contain how many helpless.

many women, after giving birth will become strong at an alarming rate.

they not only can quickly adapt to the role as a mother, will also be able to more efforts in her career, get progress.

I have a friend, to have children after living more effort, but once can’t help but say with me, “have a husband than no husband, all day long difficult”.

when she got up in the morning to cook, he went to bed;

in the evening she read picture books, to go to sleep with your child, he was watching television;

and make her most unbearable is, his underwear, socks, also must want her to wash & hellip; & hellip;

a friend said, she really feel heart very tired.

modern women more and more independent and enterprising, and the husband is marking time, and even become a “baby”.

when the “death of a spouse type parenting” become the norm in family, we can not help but ask, “why do we need to continue to bear this torture?”

so, nature becomes our choices the divorce, in order to separate, more the stop loss.