15 tips let a man fall in love

girls always want to do everything you can to draw attention to the boy, but too much of a good thing, the opposite is worrying, French fashion magazine vogue for girls recommend 15 tips let a man fall in love, to learn.

secret: ready to accept different things

boy plan the movies, eat pizza, ride a motorcycle, such as a girl must show enthusiasm and expectation.

tip 2: confidence is the most beautiful

high-heeled shoes, sports shoes can show a woman beauty, as long as there is confidence, can attract boys. Don’t count calories on a daily basis to control appetite, eat eat, confidence is the most beautiful.

secret 3: make some everyday little surprise

girlfriend Joana from last year, every Friday to save some money in the store, the money can boyfriend Nadir thinks she is saving money to buy package buy shoes, but one day, the girl friend say: & other; Let’s hit the piggy bank, I booked a position at a five-star restaurant. Throughout the &; This little surprise always can bring the feeling of heartache to boys, give it a try.

secret 4: good at drinking beer girl charming

girlfriend Ludmila worked at the bar for three years, so whether the Czech beer, Belgian beer, or a Japanese beer, she is very familiar with. Boyfriend Hervé Under the influence of her tasted all kinds of beer. It is true that not everyone has a research on beer has a girlfriend.

secret five: Oriental dance build great body

girlfriend Raquel study Oriental dance for two years, she is like a snake writhing body, boyfriend Julien cannot leave the line of sight of her body.

secret 6: often say & other; I love you & throughout;

said & other; I love you & throughout; Seems stupid, but everyone likes to hear their partners say & other; I love you & throughout; .

secret seven: know shut up the art of

both treat their love of people, or people who hate, a girlfriend if can timely shut up, boyfriend will think she is very mature right ways.

secret 8: daring to show his naked in front of her boyfriend

about his naked fearless, but will not show naked at random to please her boyfriend.

tip 9: sexy dew in leopard hand nails

the boy think, every girl is a small leopard, girl embroidered leopard grain nails, boyfriend will think girlfriend more sexy.

secret 10: the little girl will talk back appropriate

many boys are afraid girlfriend back, boyfriend Brice, however, don’t think so. When he first met his girlfriend Sidonie, she was quarrel with a man who stole her taxi. Then for Brice in Sidonie way, they take the same taxi, they also live in the same apartment now.

secret 11: keep calm

boyfriend Tristan said never see girlfriend Inè S pressure is too large or too nervous, she is always very relaxed, so her boyfriend is Tristan compressive strength of the medicine.

secret: twelve have their own taste

whether dinner wear skirt, or jeans, girls all want to have their own taste, wear out their own style, not with the wave flow.

secret 13: have a daydream making a person’s name

boyfriend Kaï S girlfriend called Sefana, in Arabic for & other; A rare pearl & throughout; . It sounds like such a beautiful name will bring a fable that the version of the beautiful story.

tips: 14 brave forward

girlfriend Samira at Lyon center runs a salon and her through the bank loans to buy equipment, decoration stores. What has she didn’t complain about, never give up, she has been in advance bravely. Her courage to make her boyfriend William proud.

15: secret nature is the most beautiful

boyfriend Louis to work in the fashion world, surrounded by a thick makeup beauty clothes girls every day, but at night, the girlfriend shark plain yan, all gave him the biggest smile. Boyfriend Louis think this is really beautiful!