11 years after marriage, because of the dry sister derail

11 years of marriage we went through all the difficulties, but through & quot; Dry sister & quot; S

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my family circumstances is superior, the good looks, now has a certain well-known enterprises in east China area manager. Know her husband in 2004, when only 23 years old, my husband and I are met online, he is outgoing, humor impressed me, after meeting, get along with 3 months to my mother, mother’s opposition, says he is shorter than I just a few minutes; Education, family circumstances do not have any merit.

in case parents objected to, my pressure rise abruptly, hesitate under the condition of break up, he had cut wrists, and was only 24 years old, I live is not deep, in addition to the scare has also been touched, finally under the parents against with him together, and he to go to the marriage, parents know degrees after sadness, will I cast out of the house for three years, the three years I hide in his house, and he has begun his marriage life, ok, this three years in-laws to me like his own, the husband affectionately, in our married five years, my parents also slowly to accept us.

in I bathe in the boundless happiness, a nightmare started & ndash; & ndash; He jumped into the new company only half a year, I feel abnormal, I accidentally picked up his mobile phone, found that often contact with a woman. Asked about his answer is chongqing factory project director. Has the work contact, responsible for the project together.

at first, I just doubt, frequent checking found he often with his talk about work outside of the topic, though without any indication of suspects, he insisted on her sister. Sister suddenly flashed through 11 years of marriage, I do not agree, in order to recognize my sister, we are noisy over, I cried and he can’t shake to recognize sister determination, I make more determined the sister is not a simple thing.

on April 21, 2015, our 11 anniversary, in order to recognize sister we are noisy over, he went to chongqing morning plane on a business trip, and I calm down and think you make a mountain out of a molehill, so to buy a wedding anniversary gift, never expected his business, the family, the 11 years of marriage to completely ruined.

on this day, they happened in chongqing hotel, travel after you come back, I apologize to him, and said my mood ultra, dare not looking directly at me, last 2 days, I asked him of the last straw, you what happened. He eventually no taboo frank told me what had happened. That moment, I collapsed, the whole person. The second day, I cried and asked him, how to face? His answer firm: are you ready to divorce! Then he go slam the door. I went to the in-laws home, crying will came clean about all the facts. In-laws anger down to talk to him in the home, did not have any effect, but more anger he wanted a divorce.

unbearable to small three hair message I ask her to let go, small three reply she regretted, willing to let go, but your husband have the thought of suicide. My in-laws to send text messages to contact again small three, told her there is a family, a woman with children. Little imagine, on May 10, they meet again together on a business trip to jinan, I angry issued SMS abuse of the small three. Small three in the morning, the husband at home have I found the abuse of SMS (mobile phone and the incredibly synchronization), small three wise men caught me, I also truthfully inform, unexpectedly, her husband said that she filed for divorce in the home, and he said to consider whether to divorce a week. So, he go home to collect evidence, have never thought unexpectedly found that the content in the home, men can’t cope with his wife’s infidelity and divorce clearly in the phone.

I telephone to small three husband want to come to her mother, her mother the telephone communication. All as expected, they in the divorce formalities on May 12, chongqing real estate belong to the belongings before marriage, small three clean body leave home, daughter, raised by the three small three zones with no work they rented out of mother and daughter 6 years old, and all the more aggravated the mood of my husband divorce with me, in the end we divorce, he clean body leave home, on May 26, we got divorced, he excitedly went to the appointment of chongqing small three mother, to his surprise, little three mother refused to meet each other.

10 days after the divorce, I asked him to move out. He cried and told me, to give him some time to settle the small three, come back to live with me, I’m softhearted take him home, did not think of divorce after only once knew I was pregnant, I regret to abortion, he swears child he wants, will immediately deal with small three things, I believe him.

funny thing happened, be pregnant 3 months, he gave me a reply: I won’t forget her in my life, I touch your belly cried and told him that the child has been so long in my womb, I was born in order to let her legitimate, we first to remarry, was born after the divorce, in the meantime, all you have nothing to do with me, we like to remarry again.

the whole pregnancy in 288 days, I have lived in-laws home, he did not show up, did not care about any, pay 3000 yuan a month, I go home to take the cost of living every month, one of them found that both of them had a group photo taken photos of the package, once found his transfer to small three 16500 yuan. When I asked about 16500 yuan, he called out the answer on the phone, before we divorced, now my money to who has nothing to do with you, I cry to hang up the phone.

in labor before, I had to contact him to send me to a hospital, etc. After I gave birth to a child he didn’t appear. Pick me up when I’m out of the hospital that day, he back to his home, and to give our daughter in confined to account, he told me a shout, I negotiate with him last straw ChuYueZi do divorce formalities.

now, daughter for 2 months, he and I talked about divorce, last month, I repeatedly chase, he eventually oral agreement custody after divorce to me, he give me 6000 yuan to support. I immediately to print, agreement and reluctant to deal with formalities half month after signed by both sides. Again I ask the time, he turned a deaf ear. So, I again hair message insult small three. Eventually to anger him, his answer: from the, waiting for the court. Want to quietly for a night, I again peace negotiation with him, his answer let him think about it.

my attitude is very clear, this kind of damage is heart-wrenching, this heart will never solution doesn’t open, I let him give me specific divorce after a month of time. Now, the end of this month to the time limit, I look carefully he didn’t want to divorce, holding a lovely beautiful daughter every day don’t want to let go. Along the way, my life is completely ruined. I what to do, what to do to be able to leave on good terms & hellip; & hellip;

reply online:

processing because of an affair of the marriage, the most taboo is husband and wife is not enough to calm, especially his wife, so do the divorce, and not before the divorce sober to reflect on, a way to save, ironically, a lot of his wife on an impulse and cheating husband divorced after regret immediately come to mind, she would have to lay down their self-esteem and face at this time to beg for cheating men return to family, also & other; Divorce is not from home & throughout; , tolerate cheating men after divorce, side silly waiting for him to come back again, down over several times, she will find the man didn’t come back, not only oneself still going, lived a dehumanizing life, thus do more harm than good!

you can regardless of her parents’ opposition & other; Private & throughout; To marry him, it serves to show you how deep feelings towards him, and he also had a really good for you, you also have a happy day, but, in this kind of happiness, in fact, all of you not to run, but with premarital love savings and fresh life, once you work out this kind of fresh and savings, the problem would be to & ndash; & ndash; His infidelity, and at first he ridiculous to dry sister you do recognize small three, is to let you admit her existence, the affection between them, also is not in your wedding anniversary that day to go to bed, that step, he walked out, it must be have feelings do matting, rather than a pure to stimulate, this, can also be small SanNeng to divorce he and I can see you in the future.

if your ignorance and cowardice eventually put him in the dry sister’s bed, and a series of behavior behind you is a stupid and reckless, seems you are in a desperate to save him, and he came back, but in fact is you hard on pushing him away, so, what did you do in a & other; Dying & throughout; Later, with you, can only give up the room in a fit of pique, have you and his divorce impulse, without the constraints of marriage, he was a little more freedom to fly three arms, even if he really is clean body becoming a monk! Fortunately, small three mother is a wise old man, she see through your husband, and not worry will make a mistake to make women a sinner’s hand, is her this rejection, and seems to have pushed him around you, it is you that an unwanted pregnancy, but the accident and to children, are not necessarily can really save you and your marriage, if you later for the child is to the power of his parents to let him really good to live with you, more is not a simple thing!

both of you have the power of love, but have not love, the ability of the root cause of this is for you, but at this point, said that love is the thing of a virtual again, not to point the truth, he is not willing to divorce now, do not represent his heart is with you, he and the affection between the small three will face a lot of contradictions in reality, especially for small three and all through a failed marriage, marriage doesn’t seem to be too big significance, instead of hurting each other, it is better to miss each other, if you want to activate and his marriage, and not to completely cut off first & other; An affair & throughout; The lesions and the residual tumor cells, which is only saw some appearances, I’m afraid it will face more pain and hurt!