You are a man easy to cuckold

guide language: do not think that only men will cheat, the woman s cuckolded also will give men, so male friends also don’t ignore this problem. DetailPic

you are easy to cuckold man?

the first: men see women as eye

there are a lot of men to women he takes good care to do, go to bed with, eat with, want to work, time indulging in his self-righteous love story, in fact, most of the time, where is the man’s this is very dangerous.

on the balance of love, who is the more you pay, who is unimportant, if you always give, give, this is equivalent to love to each other being added to the weight, will inevitably lead to balance of pointer from oneself, let oneself become very frivolous, ultimately is not taken seriously by a woman, by her & other; Cuckold & throughout; , or abandoned. So do men want to be a man with weight, not too much spoil a woman, can’t lose yourself because of the woman.

the second: entrepreneurs, programmer, high degree

entrepreneurs too much social parties, every day to deal with a lot of affairs, on the emotion of his wife, they often accompany clients to some pornographic sites, but can not grasp the release passion, to fall asleep in the home, can’t satisfy the wife on the body, so that his wife was out wait-the widowed housewife sells.

programmer logical thinking ability is very strong, leading to their eq is very low, themselves every day like scientific research personnel, to a statement on the busy all night, forgot to go home, the second day morning, program debugging is successful, his wife was being to debug.

the highly educated group was & other Cuckold & throughout; The situation is relatively rare. But could not control the women they harness the knowledge, the initiative to cut in the examination place their initiative in love. Knowledge can change their fate is to let them lost & other; Throughout shipment &; .