Women’s shoes can show some mental illicit is close

we all know, the woman is a kind of animals is very like the shoes, they are generally in the choice of shoes is very carefully and diligently. And in this way, we can look at some more women often wear shoes to interpret the psychological.

women shoes can show some mental private

1, like to wear sports and recreational shoe

them what appeared on the surface, easy to get along with, but she’s very will protect themselves, vigilance is very strong. Looks like very easily and become a boy, actually they both use these boys as gay friends in general, but for like the one in your heart, keep distance away. General friend difficult to see that she’s on her mind, under a strong defense, that she has a very fragile emotions.

2, like wearing platform shoes, modelling special shoes

pay attention to the fashion and the pursuit of fashion, become the focus of attention, like the appearance style bold, but rather conservative at heart. She may itself does not have enough confidence to oneself, so want to be popular, let a person also noticed her presence. Want to pursue her, must sure her advantages, more encouragement, will make her more confident.

3, students like to wear the style, simple modelling shoes

pure sensitive personality, family education is rigorous, easy to suppress your emotions. Generally speaking parents might tube more tightly, or school, workplace atmosphere more conservative, so the usual words and deeds is inside collect, but the woman actually heart will want to try some adventure experience, be careful when traveling gullible.

4, like to wear high heels

mature personality and generous, like thinking, intelligent. On the life and work are responsible and hard, things will be more demanding, the people around you but because you want too much, because sometimes can’t satisfy the bad temper. In general, such a woman is more suitable for honest relatively, if you want to pursue her, and good to her, care about her, if she think you are a worthy of communication object, usually she doesn’t mean to put on AIRS spite you.

5, like to wear short canister boots or thigh-high boots

love freedom, independent personality, don’t like being restricted, have the courage to express themselves. In general this woman is not physically, is quite capable, intelligent easily become the object of heterosexual admiration. Although it looks as if it is not difficult to close, but want to be her boyfriend, must have a certain talent, and understand her, to win her heart.

6, like to wear sandals

are fairly confident to yourself, like their good side. In general, her popularity is good, friends are many, the opposite sex is also very interested. But sometimes more requirement to the boyfriend, I hope each other just like yourself, and personality is stubborn, is not easy to persuade. If you want to, when her boyfriend may want to have patience and for her sake.