Women hate men do the six things

guide language: some personality is genetic, some are influenced by environmental impact. Different people have different attitudes to personality, but also always have a general standard. At least, in women, a man of the character is not lovable.

women hate men doing this 6

1. Boast

boast is a lot of men will have bad character, despite the ability to do good on the job, but there is no reason to feel energy in other areas, even himself can’t do is make a commitment. Those who talk big male comrades, one way to avoid being relentlessly condemn & other; Only face can see & throughout; , think twice, don’t make promises that we cannot do it.

2. Do not love clean

is the first criteria of a lot of girls choose boyfriend love clean, if does not love clean, face not handsome. Even if a man does not love clean is normal, but just think, later with his wife and children, a home all day, dirty, also uncomfortable!

3. Lying

some men will aim at the be fond of of women that some have no sense of responsibility, a grain of the results will lead to the alienation of all women, is considered to be & other; No connotation of men & throughout; . Such behavior of male comrades, usually pay attention to pay attention to your own words and deeds.

4. Look down upon women

despise women’s & other; The common fault of the handsome boy & throughout; , because of surface has been flattering men take it for granted that & other; Women are born to serve men & throughout; . Handsome growth will disappear with the passing years, want to build from the deep understanding of each other’s relationship, handsome, change their attitude, respect for women!

5. Flower heart

flower heart this betrayal will shake the foundation of a relationship, such a man let a woman without a sense of security.

6. Bad temper

imagine, the woman took the child, after finishing the housework every day, you come back to call names: rice never call names, good call names not beds, children don’t mind call names & hellip; & hellip; Even the babysitter also not willing to be you the spirit! The man looked at his temper, right away.