Women desire this action reminds men

guide language: in the life of husband and wife, if can’t attracted to each other, was too boring. Actually, recalls a man’s desire does not need too sedulous, some small action can make them stop. Then the woman which actions can hook up a man desire?

women desire this action reminds men

1. Good at cooking

1 & other; Rice in the pan, I in bed & throughout; Moved by the millions of men. Most men like good food. If a woman can do a good meal, so men would love of food into the favour of women. Woman in the kitchen busy, end a delicious meal that instant, will make a lot of men for dumping.

2. Blink

eyes, is the window of the soul. The so-called arouse desire, absolutely not including intentionally & other; Discharge & throughout; . Cute little affectations, just belong to the eyes of the unconscious self protection. Occasionally joyfully, blinking his eyes could not say, above the charming and handsome. So naughty, are you willing to turn a blind eye?

3. Wu chest

this is definitely not ugly shi habitual behavior, also is not afraid of exposing yourself subconsciously. It means: after the woman is frightened, found that was a false alarm. This little affectations, let a man wanted to go in the past say: it’s not a big deal, and I’m in. Great man’s doctrine, just come in handy.

4. Praise him

& quot; You are great! & quot; These three words, is a panacea for any man? Yes, it really is true, you never have to let him believe that other things, so, might as well use often. Let he thinks himself, is this your smart place. Chose to pretend, is to let a man thought it was him in have the initiative.

5. The tip of the tongue lick a strop repeatedly lips

the lure of the lip is quite big, do you like a person the first think of is to kiss her, just like every time to wake up first opened his eyes to see the world, that is have kissed. Woman inadvertently licked strop his lips, is really to tease male this desire. Kate? Moss thin body to show off this little sex appeal, but the CK and herself with a piece of the tip of the tongue roll-up, lips half pictures of popular in the world.

6. Her hair in the shoulder

women’s long hair and shoulders each have fascinating, but have no such combination more sexy. Streep is depend on the shawl as a young blonde attracted & other; Deer hunting & throughout; Her boyfriend, Robert? DE niro. There is only a romy & middot; Schneider paint hair smooth and shoulder is good enough for the beautiful image of the queen of the austro-hungarian empire.

7. Ruffling his hair

self-denying enjoy in the bedroom, the women can’t help but touch the man’s hair, and men will take such actions as you enjoy action. So, when you want to sit on the man’s legs, two hands stroked his head, and let the fingers through his hair, let a man to melt in your nails.