Women also flower heart She lived a few men in your heart?

guide language: some people say that men are born to be flower heart, animals are flower heart, love a person thinking about others, and the woman? Would it be ok?

woman flower heart also lived in her heart, a few men?

women naturally is single-minded to love, are faithful, but men, do you know how women in the mind think? Their psychological who lived? Or, how many people live in? Which block corner is belong to you?

first lover

the first love is unforgettable, is hard and eternal love, no matter you later and who together, in the corner of the heart have a belongs to the first love, because is the first love, the media, have pity, corner of the heart never left his mark. But women do not show, because she wanted to own this relationship for a long time, she deeply know, oneself want to forget the past, but for the first love forever remember, just because it was a perfect full stop without feelings. But doesn’t mean women is unfaithful to the love, it is heavy sentiment.

favorite husband

because to get married, the woman will to husband as the main body of life, to a man for the day, the man is the light in the life, is a love song in the ways of life. And the woman was there lived a man, the corner will not change as time migration. It is a bad woman, as long as you settle down, only you a person in life. Won’t do cheat, if a woman cheat, the man you ask yourself, you do anything wrong? Why empathy don’t love oneself of the wife, the woman will not change for no apparent reason.

women are itching for a person in his heart, he doesn’t like the lover of greed, he has a friend’s care, some words, can’t and husband says, can talk to him, he won’t because of his chatter and a bored expression. When you are happy, just light accompany in side. What we need is a soul reposing, are sometimes not straight to the misunderstanding relations. Only women heart the most clear, he is a good friend, the most understand my friend. Women always keep his place in the heart, life doesn’t change back.

love me, love my dog

the man’s parents, in the later days are an integral part of. Because is your elders, so will take care of them, whether their parents, or the husband’s parents, be considerate, they will look to them, and send your most warm love. A woman will put them in the first place in my heart, until they disappeared in the woman’s life. Father, an indispensable part of in the life of a woman, his father’s shoulders, is a woman forever.

women are weak, the heart is very big, life filled with a lot of people, the in the mind have a lot of people to take care of. There are many people worth to cherish, men, you know a woman’s heart? Behind the woman suffered, have filled with the secret of how?