Woman 4 big fundamental reason of extramarital love

guide language: women generally the one who is loyal to marriage, can also be daily necessities running out of thering is no lack of enthusiasm, if a woman so quickly it’s hard to turn back. What makes a woman so quickly?

woman affair of 4 big fundamental reason

1. After get will not be cherish

get seems to never be cherish, love 3 months later, they always can’t remember to send you a gift, also do not like before care about yourself.

once men realize that you are already & other; One of their own and other , will become more and more forgetful, and forget is very important thing for you, such as your birthday, your wedding anniversary.

2. You let her not satisfied with the conditions of

love is exquisite & other; Suitable & throughout; . Maybe a lot of TV movies, a lot of beauty in love with the hero of the ugly, but it is empty. In reality, women are all the love handsome boy, how much more’s vaunted beauty.

even if you get her, you should consider your ability leave her side, she will eventually still can not stand the temptation to take you and your family. Have a better man at her side, men marry a beautiful woman, the woman most natural also should choose good man.

3. The man before marriage is a person after marriage is & other; Animal & throughout;

before she got married men are very gentle, they know themselves and some neat, know when to kiss to kiss, know the sweet words and waiting for him, then they are absolute man, occasionally showing sense of wild will only make women more is required.

but after marriage, also don’t know in a shirt for a week, tie, socks, want you to the point, don’t want to even look at you, you like with an orangutan lived in a little respectively.

4. The reality of love or marriage disappoint her

women had meant to be in love marriage life looking for happiness, seeking care for them in order to this a little bit of love can serve as hutch niang, nannies and lover three roles, but the final result can only be disappointed.

man knelt to marry him who saw it, aren’t even seen just a few seconds, women have to pay for this a few seconds of softhearted whole life. If I were a man I marry, after all, marriage to the man’s real benefit too much. But a woman, not only lost once have, even a little romance in the heart of the residual were exhausted, doing so might as well just in love woman is not married.