Wo n teach you six “liao sister” trick

guide language: there are & other Liao sister suffering households & throughout; Look at love master heart of envy, why do they always personable, also provoked howls of girls laugh? Let’s listen to their tricks.

wo n teach you 6 & other; Liao sister & throughout; Trick

a lot of people hope to be able to attract the attention of others, even & other; Others & throughout; Just one particular person, a hope that soon become the important person in my life. The art of flirting contains, through appropriate behavior to attract the attention of others, and persuade her to you for a deeper understanding & ndash; & ndash; Hope it is in the first date.

1. The man to flirt with a normal topic start

so you can know about her personality, some, it will also know whether she is interested in you.

2. Next time when you met her, to show a happy appearance

keep topics as interesting. Ask her about her own a few questions, if appropriate, make some interesting comments, in order to achieve a half jokingly ridicule effect.

3. Keep talking balance & ndash; & ndash; Mean, both of you to say the same amount of time

if you feel has been your talking, or she has been laborious listen, then began to ask her some questions. If her answer is very short, then ask some coherent exactly the problem. Still the same, want to try talk, enjoyable, the way to do it, like this conversation does not become serious and suspicious.

4. Pay attention to your facial expressions

boring talk or listen to, to make eye contact. Eye contact to keep at least two seconds to move.

5. Said some some of your achievements, but it may also want to say some of your indiscretions

this will show to her, you are both ordinary people the truth, is the pursuit of people. You just casually talk about actual situation & ndash; & ndash; The topic of conversation and don’t take this as your & ndash; & ndash; You can easily do this. For example, if a friend she talked about her is advertising, you can say like this: & other; I heard that this is an interesting game. When I was at the university of California, one of my roommates is learn advertising. Throughout the &;

6. The conversation from the beginning to the end, to show self-confidence

that is to say, want to be sure that what you’re saying, but also make sure you is what person. Don’t according to the character to adjust your own character, as long as you try to show you the best look line & ndash; & ndash; You own all parts, including faults.

flirt note

if you finally can eat together with her, then make sure his in eat! Since you ask her go out to dinner, you should not let her see you uncomfortable was such tensions and even can’t eat anything. Remember, she ask you out for dinner because she wants to eat together with you, instead of sitting there, let you look at her to eat.

in their nature to treat them, they are just ordinary people. They were not perfect creature, they will not think of themselves and others when they should be how lucky. So, don’t do like that. Remember that date at the end of the day, it’s just two people there chatting, due to some of the common language in together.

keep in mind that the difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is, no matter with who, for their comfortable nature; Arrogance is, think oneself is superior than others, and also want to let all people know that. Men will learn the message should pay attention to practical course ass-getting career skills, must not rashly and blindly to race.