Why I don’t have a good life, a rich “wealthy woman”?

my husband and I married for three years, the original is his pursuit of me first. I didn’t have a crush on him, but feel that this world can’t find a better for me than he, so I slowly to accept his love, and he is married. He really good to me later, basically as long as I request, he has never rejected. Had a marriage, he let I quit my job. He said to me, he didn’t want me to suffer, want me to rest at home. I was also just the physical condition is very poor always sick, so I simply listened to his words, home as a full-time housewife.

at the beginning, I was very pleased, finally need not crowded bus in the morning, don’t have to endure the noisy lead every day, so I also feel very happy. But as time went by, I stayed at home and also feel boring, so I want to have a child, you have children of my attention will shift. He also feel good, then we began to want a child. Things are going well, our lovely daughter was born a year later. Since then the center of my life is my daughter, for my children to worry about every day. Unconsciously, on with the husband’s ignored a lot.

when I found out my husband has a problem when it was late, he has even not to return home, then I know that he had another woman in the outside, but I also know that he can’t be outside to women and I divorce. Although he has no feelings for me at that time, but for my daughter and I was responsible. My in the mind also very clear, because I too care about her daughter, so will be in to take care of his negligence, let him seek other women’s love in the outside, it also has a half of my responsibility.

I was sad, took her two daughters back to the bride’s family. He may think that I now have no income, the bride’s family to live for a period of time will be honestly to go home, but he was wrong, some principled problems I am absolutely won’t compromise, I regret to resign to go home, now no job and no income, for the family to be nothing. Now I good pain, how should I do?

why I don’t have a good life, to be a prosperous & other Wealthy woman & throughout; ?

small make up to say:

the first thing you have to do now is to find a job, struggle to feed their children. You have to have their own independent economic ability is qualified and bottom spirit to talk about things. If you want to continue this marriage, you and your husband and talk. Not only to children, but also for your future life.

in order to family, when you choose a housewife. This in itself is the sacrifice of family, but you are in the wrong way, if you really love the family, it needs to be in a way that is more reasonable health running my own family. To be a housewife is not to say that must be bad, everyone has a different way of life, now, when the housewife that way is not suitable for you and your family.

you need to open your own field of vision, broaden their own life circle, in order to ensure understanding of the outside things, not to fall behind. Don’t imprison his own ideas, and don’t lose the ability of autonomous alone. You can take this time to calm thinking about what to do in the future, you don’t take anyone as your center of gravity, it will only get lost yourself.

I find myself, I wish you happiness!