Why are so many marriages, lost in the personality?

since when, in addition to the cold war between you, quarrel is?

quarrel not afraid, afraid you don’t see each other from behind to satisfy each other’s needs. Noisy noisy, love to fight, home and noisy.

two people want to live for a lifetime of time, which can’t disagree? From love, to marry and have children, and then to go hand in hand to the old, the ability of the zhi dou trivia, this marriage would make chicken fly a dog to jump.

to total personality in marriage?

youth: break up the trivial

on valentine’s day, is to prepare a candlelight dinner, enjoy the day of 2 the world. Unexpectedly, two people carefully planned date because explode to want to break up.

women: & other; I told you, porridge cooked put pot is good, you have to a pot full out put on the table, take a place and cool faster! You don’t have long ears? Throughout the &; (from behavior accused to attack)

man: & other; Is a joke, I since the childhood are filled out on the table to eat, also didn’t see the table crowded bad, eat bad belly. Put out not convenient dish? Fill a bowl of porridge still run the kitchen, don’t bother you? Throughout the &; (explain excuse)

women: & other; Haven’t seen you such a lazy man, served a meal all trouble! Throughout the &; (again)

man: & other; Haven’t seen you so melodramatic woman, keep cramming this disturbing thing too, it’s enough! Throughout the &; (start back)

women: & other; I think you are deliberately gas me, see me not pleasing to the eye, hypocrisy, nagging, you don’t want to have? Throughout the &; (subject to upgrade)

man: & other; You say this word, you don’t want to, I who also don’t force! Throughout the &; (anathema)

women: & other; But, however, you roll for me! Throughout the &; (intensified, more humiliating)

then is a man’s slam the door out, leaving the woman cry alone at a table good food & hellip; & hellip;

this is common in the life pattern of quarrel. A trivial small things, both sides of husband and wife standing in their own perspective. Once his point was not accepted, derivative enlarge unceasingly, from language conversion to attack each other, again from attack associated with the two people not appropriate, break up.

they subconsciously feel that you are the most understand me the person, you should agree with me, I don’t have to mention it to you. We are to personality, if you don’t agree.

women always want men to coax her, to the point. But tolerance is easier than I, at the moment. The above example, when a woman began to express their views, he brought accusing tone, the other subconscious will enter & other; Fighting & throughout; State.

then angry forced men leave, scowling men did not retreat. So sweet appointment fell through.

actually things in life, looking for a win-win situation is very easy to do, but we don’t want to empathy, ideas to create.

benign development dialogue should be like this:

women: & other; Husband, you why every rice pot directly to the table? Throughout the &; (ask questions to know each other ideas)

man: & other; I do think more rice need to run back and forth, kitchen is not very convenient. Throughout the &; (explain answer)

woman: oh, is originally this, I also worry about pan out and no place to put. Also rice easy to cool, I am afraid you eat have loose bowels. (express feelings)

women: but I thought of a way, you see half of the table we are used to put sundry, space is not enough, of course. When eating or clear up the place, can take out of the pan, the power of the plug in the wall, not kill two birds with one stone? Throughout the &; (take into consideration both sides feeling, come up with a compromise)

man: & other; The idea is good, I’ll clean up now. Throughout the &; (feel respected, active help)