What weaknesses, that women are inferior to men live?

one day Mr And I chat, speak of the subject of the afterlife, I asked him, & other; If there is an afterlife, would you like to continue to do a man or choose when a woman? Throughout the &;

he thought for a moment, & other; When a man. Throughout the &;


he said frankly, & other; In China, or when a man is more easier, although very tired, but also more options. Throughout the &;

in China or when a man is more cool?

I thank him for his candor, indeed, this is the present situation of China. At present, the social burdens, men and women, who live is not easy, but the woman is always more difficult that a woman is not as good as men live.

where is the problem? In addition to the social and legal security system is not sound, the key is, compared to women and men lack for the spirit of their investment.

once in the city’s marriage registration office with a picture on the wall slogan, content is this: & other; To be a good housewife, good mother, it is woman’s biggest ability. Why the sharpening head, tired vomitted blood, argue with a man resource area? Throughout the &;

look, this is our current mainstream values. Here is not only so, but in Taiwan, separated only by a strip of water is also regarded as the standard & ndash; & ndash; The ministry of education repairing dictionary when will & other; New good woman & throughout; Defined as:

& other; As a family as a center of life, love the husband, take care of children, experience keep happy marriage life. Throughout the &;

this idea to brainwashing, for a woman to meet to be a good housewife and good mother, don’t always on the business on a par with men, it is doing nothing, so to grab the man’s resources.

so under this kind of education, women love & other; Frowning chan & throughout; , tried to build a family cultivation of a man, let a man success, then achievement own wonderful life, by the way.

but men & ndash; & ndash; “The green snake,” said, & other; A woman that is a sad life & throughout; When they have more say, ability to have more access to resources, they don’t meet again only bring happiness to a woman.

women don’t invest in yourself, but like to invest in the habit of men, for women’s economic liberty, mental insecurity and vision is not open.

their dependence on others than on their expectations, and pay more than for their consideration for others. They always think only with the perfect man, his own happiness landscape will be complete, but forget, is himself the most intimate lover, what he didn’t know I want the most is.

a woman, want to be a good wife, good mother, this is not wrong, the good life every role in practice, is a real sense of success, both men and women.

but women innate sense of dedication, and the social culture of education, we have to remind all women, time and again & other; Before becoming a qualified wife and mother, must be the best himself first. Throughout the &;

because one not careful, a woman is easy to overlook. On the road to themselves, women still go very hard.

like I recommend several times before the swallow around the bird’s nest, I not only to eat, also recommended to my elder sister my aunt, and several of my friends to eat, because the effect is really see. The result is a friend said, & other; My husband said you had teach me bad, I used to own could not bear to eat so expensive things. Throughout the &;

I’m very heroism, & other; You tell him that he would give his wife could not bear to spend money, I gave you to eat, as long as he is not felt ashamed. Throughout the &;

a few days to see her husband on the meal, he smiled said to me, & other; My wife home complain husband as old friends, you this is not uglify me image? Throughout the &;

my white his one eye, & other; Your home is not have no money, you smoke so expensive, often change on digital products, wear a suit of tens of thousands of dollars, then the wife eat nutrition also love dearly, not bashful? Throughout the &;

he sheepishly scratching his head, & other; Is not a question of money, the main is not used to, she used to be the province of & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

yes, everything is a habit, mistreat oneself can become a habit, good to oneself also can become a habit.

a woman to live, is to let a man habit, also want to let oneself habit, & other; I, deserves better. Throughout the &; & have spent (articles from the wind: late)