What kind of man would make wife particularly insecure?

p> guide language: in love, people value most is the sense of security. However, some men let wife particularly insecure, this is not the lack of material conditions, but these do not enough.

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what kind of man would make wife special insecure?

when in love, men say much more women to listen to, a woman can listen to a man’s pride can also listen to the rhetoric, therefore, the love give is always a good feeling. However, married women need is a cash grandiloquence, so, at this moment the situation of turned into a woman and man just listening is good.

so, said to the women took pains every day about, no matter the husband is to hear and willing to listen to, she just said she want to say, even with a man’s sex can also be additional incentives to husband, under this situation, the endurance of super man can survive in the woman conditional affectionate, and the endurance of man will be from strong women weave webs and flee in haste.

a woman needs a man can give themselves to provide a safe living environment, not a woman is not independent survival ability, the women have no more & other Marry han dinner & throughout; Of traditional concepts, women more and want to get home ownership and decision, and is also one of the sexual abuse of society, let a woman more and more feel no security at least, let a woman against heart never let up, so, women will feel tired heart, feel tired and discouraged. So women need not strong attitude seems to be difficult to deter the husband of the flower heart and philandering nature.

man always upset woman always habitually to test yourself if you love her, especially when you’re doing something is not in conformity with the business, she will is not like her to take & other; You don’t love me & throughout; To coerce her husband do not obey the command, particularly upset wife always likes to love their own bidding and now part of the comparison, therefore, often to make myself in distress situation.

many men complain about, Chinese women are now more and more strong, more and more defying the husband, laughed at his own men become more lack of masculinity. Indeed, in the promotion of women’s liberation and equality between men and women s, advocate peacefully resolving disputes in today, men do most women can do, and a woman can do men, who are not, or men also have a baby?

social progress and the man group is in serious degradation, so the woman married husband and more worried about their married a loser man, social environment forced women become more and more strong, not for other, only for women don’t like their men become timid, and no man’s masculinity.

in fact, a woman the most afraid of the husband there is no desire to do better career ambitions, the most afraid of the husband mediocre become a loser, the most afraid of the husband is becoming more and more no masculinity, even like the Philippines man bully the door also dare not punch, such a man how to protect myself? How can you protect your children? How to protect our home?

women like men who have a rule of life, like to use a phased plan to achieve their life values of the husband. A good love, love the young age of married after will herald a phased mission accomplished, asking is able to live for yourself, as long as able to coax a wife happy. For intelligent women, love, passion, is far from the man’s important work and career, make money is far from satisfy children milk powder money come true. Therefore, smart women will inspire a man’s life goal to strive for families and children, so, women like is masculine hemorrhagic man.

a man is supposed to have males, though not recommended man suddenly and violently, but to his wife and children to provide safeguard life environment is always the first duty of a husband? Otherwise, a woman isn’t a lifetime will scared, and cannot have happiness?

it takes efforts to gain a foothold in the society, to play a good role in marriage is also need to use the strength to speak, don’t expect this society will be the ideal mode of equality of men and women, don’t expect the wife really learned to respect each other, on the eve of the men don’t have a successful career, most women are very strong, not to bully you is amitabha to be ecstatic.

so, don’t blame yourself woman, or at the time of complaints to think about your first is not good enough? Has reached the woman’s expectations? Of course, the woman can’t act too hastily, to understand & other; A good husband is coaxed out & throughout; The plain truth, at the same time, to make your marriage relationship into marriage, essential means is more encouraging less criticism to the husband, much less respect, more tolerance, less dispute, of course, don’t say & other; If only & throughout; Like to let the husband feel afraid even after hear so chilling words, don’t do let husband fears.