What is the difference between chase and liao, exactly?

a reader asked me, & other; Uncle, we talked for two months, he always seconds back to me, it represents what ah? Throughout the &;

I reply: & other; Playing with mobile phone on his behalf. Throughout the &;

she cannot hide lost ground to say: & other; Isn’t that mean he love me & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

at the end of the can understand her mood, each other all the behavior of ambiguity, but silent together.

in fact, a relationship, if you have struggled to find proof that he likes you, it is not so like most.

seconds back, brown sugar water, in the air little ambiguity and micro letter in the early evening, exactly & other; Liao & throughout; Or & other; Chase & throughout; ?

I hope, after finish see below, do you think of the man who did not let you down.

and liao, what’s the difference?

liao is artful, is chasing prevaricated

feeling, can let he artful prey, prevaricated is like.

from the beginning, when I was a student & other; Love & throughout; Is sincerely and awkward:

in front of the person you like, air is a little bit ambiguous immediately blush, stuttering change the subject.

been booing when denied and the dustbin dozens of imperfect love letter, evidence is concerned.

later & other; Liao & throughout; The skills, then bring casual and frivolous.

& other; he may not often say to you Drink hot water more sleep early & throughout; , also won’t directly kua you re beautiful.

but every now and then give you take some praise, then seemingly casually said, & other; Today’s lip gloss go well with you. Throughout the &;

if you said & other; I didn’t make-up today & throughout; More in his heart, then there is a: & other; Doesn’t make up also so good-looking. Throughout the &;

the people who want to chase you, open your circle of friends for countless times, fingers point can be entangled with morning.

to you of person, always can let you move all the time, in a few words is gone with the wind in the air is full of ambiguity.

people who want to chase you, will never make, mark, often can make you feel & other; This guy really want to express? Throughout the &;