What are the psychological betrayal in love woman

guide language: a woman is born to love and be loved, love to dominate a woman’s life, a woman from the day of birth is the dream and love. DetailPic

love woman what psychological betrayal

women’s clothes, hair style, status, knowledge, wealth is changed change especially, but a woman’s heart does not change, they still made a group of water of the same flesh and blood, innocent love dancing elf. When the man comes, she is willing to give everything, soul, body, health and a lifetime of loyalty, for a right girl to be together for life. Man always let the woman sad, however, they only want to take, not willing to give; Only let go, is not willing to leave. After they put angel stay up into a woman, and to pursue new prey. So, the injured woman will say, both the choice, I prefer business don’t love, because have no betrayal.

but no woman can resist the temptation of love. Especially the extramarital love, it is the spring in the open sea, is life imprisonment of parole. It gives a woman great joy, expansion with all the passion of life, from the extreme, heaven and earth. But angels and human love is destined to not last, mortals on heaven, angel will not too long. Only the daily necessities of the husband and wife can have a lasting relationship, but is not necessarily the love to the old, and is likely to be & other; Get & throughout; To the old. Men always get rich quick and then twist the meaning of love. A woman summoned the courage to say & other; I love you & throughout; , the man replied & other; Love is not to say, is to do & throughout; . At this moment, life is like a dream, sleep, wake up him forget it.

a lot of women have been married to pursue experience. How to deal with? Very easily. If their time just boring, boring, loneliness will accompany him to play, to talk on phone, dating to eat meal, to accept his praise, put up with his complaints, fun! Fun! Anyway, idle is idle. If they are bored, or have an ideal marriage object, want to terminate the relationship with him, also very easy, only need to put on a face of spoony said to him, & other; I want to marry you, go to divorce, I am, do you want me to and your wife a showdown? If you don’t have the heart to & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Immediately, this seemingly smitten by you swoon man just didn’t frighten sudden death in front of you. Later he away from you.

again flower heart man all attaches great importance to his first wife, old and ugly again is a part of his life. On the contrary, if a woman has an affair, don’t hide like a man, have a guilty conscience, because women are true, so a little reluctantly, feel been found it doesn’t matter, big deal divorce, anyway have fell in love with others, very natural and unrestrained. Man because I only want to play, so always sneaking around, whispering. One day, the wife finally unbearable, divorce him, he will be sad, injustice of death.

more and think that men and women are not the same kind of different kinds of different genera of two kinds of animals, the difference of men and women are absolutely is greater than the difference between man and the monkey. Women are hopeless feelings of animals, believe in true love forever invincible. Always puts love supreme status, always think spark between a man and is a great love, always will die to live, tore heart crack lung’s love, and always found once love so riddled with holes, once the man so obnoxious. Love, in my opinion it is hell, entered the perdition, and popular cheating is purgatory.

but not angry woman is uneven, with is hell, purgatory, we were have been suffering for the woman into a human, five of the six men so how people? In a woman is a vigorous love, in a man they just cheating. In the dictionary of men & other; Love and a woman & throughout; Can and & other Football, computers, car & throughout; Each other words such as displacement, and women love, cheating, for men, just comfortable kicked a football, football over, picked up the clothes to leave, for them this is only natural thing.