Western women don’t want to marry a Chinese man: not hair on my chest

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why not western women marry Chinese men?

the relevant & other; Why western women don’t want to marry Chinese men & throughout; Topic, begins with a foreign female net friend’s question. She on the BBS post said, she lived in China for some time, found that women with a few western men dating in China, only occasionally encountered an exception. Instead see many foreign men and Chinese women together, particularly in the sanlitun area. Why will appear this kind of circumstance?

about this topic, actually had a lot of discussion, so, what foreign women is how to think about this problem? Many foreign female net friend began to voice their opinions. Here are some why they don’t want to marry Chinese men god answered.

why don’t you marry?

love express no chores handsome enough

the UK said a female professor at the university, through contact with the Chinese men feel Chinese men have very strong domination and leadership to , they also expect to be pay attention to be respected. China man’s way of thinking is more complex , not as straightforward as western men, so many times it is difficult to understand how Chinese men’s idea.

a Swedish blonde said: living in China for a long time & other; I think Chinese men more feminine than western men , MAN is not enough. Western girls than most Chinese men are tall, and he often is bigger than Chinese men, also is the so-called & lsquo; Frame & rsquo; . Any girl will not hope oneself than her man & lsquo; High strong & rsquo; , while the men wouldn’t like to be your own woman with thin. Throughout the &; She also noted, & other; Many western women are independent, often in the family and her husband share housework . In many Chinese cities, while women to assume all the housework alone (even if she is doing a full-time job), but also cook dinner, and so on. Their men will not help her, only Shanghai men don’t like this. To try to fit in different society of western women, it is extremely difficult to do this. At least I can’t do. Throughout the &;

and female net friend think Chinese men too inferiority , and attribute the reason of this inferiority complex for & other Shy, were spoiled, conservative, not romantic and poor communication & throughout; .

another netizen & other; God summary & throughout; Western women don’t want to marry Chinese men five factors, including: Chinese men handsome enough, face, not like western men to be ups and downs, angular. Chinese men is not sexy, chest hair , finely NenNen, light GuangHuaHua. Chinese men not enough humor , this is to make the most western women do not understand. Chinese men not enough poise, British gentleman poise in China it is difficult to see a man. Chinese men not enough consideration, although Chinese people afraid of the wife, but not good at care for his wife.

more discussion

pay attention to the advantages of family is very great man’s doctrine points

so what in foreign women’s eyes, what are the advantages and disadvantages of China man?

foreign women more positive evaluation of Chinese men is: Chinese men pay attention to family, have sense of responsibility, emotional relative loyalty. Caring about women, credit for the friend, pay attention to interpersonal relationships. Strong, bears hardships and stands hard work, has the happy-go-lucky tenacious spirit. Serious and responsible, good at mastering the technical skills. Respect for the woman of the old man and the family, has the good moral character and grandmather.

the negative evaluation on the Chinese men and foreign women are: Chinese men great man’s idea, do not pay attention to good accomplishment and health habits. Eating only pay attention to taste, does not pay attention to nutrition. Don’t care about appearance and inner expression of emotion. Don’t exercise, especially lack of interest in adventure and competitive sports. Legal concept is not strong, he always thinks relationships can dredge. Warm-hearted public welfare undertakings, pay great attention to social morality.