War Wolf learn: a woman in the red sea action need not you conquer!

gender identity should be their role in the background, rather than the standpoint of the whole role.

?? “War Wolf” series after a big wave at the box office at harvest peremptory became the industry standard of the military theme of the film and television works, even the big popular Spring Festival of the red sea action also played when propaganda & other; Sea version of war throughout the Wolf &; The banner.

however, brush the film can be found that two films from conception to play big diameter variations, and more surprise is that the “red sea” broke the usual in such production women embarrassing position, let a person see a batch of real plump images of women, and that is exactly what is usual in such so-called & other; Men throughout the &; Disdain to do.

1, don’t need to conquer & other; Female comrades & throughout;

both the captain Long Xiaoyun in the “war Wolf” or “red sea” commando TongLi, they are the military novels in the common type of role & ndash; & ndash; & other; Military women & throughout; . But the two & other; Military women & throughout; In the play of the opposite position.

Long Xiaoyun is special forces & other; War throughout the Wolf &; The mid-team leader, she was into a & other; Another sexy & throughout; , & other Aura uncommon & throughout; , & other Don’t lose the man & throughout; The typical & other; Royal elder sister & throughout; Image. Her existence purpose is clear, however, wu has simply use lines to her all the value points out: & other; Such a woman, just short of such a man I conquered. Throughout the &;

” war Wolf “still

& other; Long Xiaoyun & throughout; Is not a representative of & other; Military women & throughout; , but rather a in male psychosexuality & other; It is difficult to conquer & throughout; The goal of. Her mind, her character, even her identity, are built in the eyes of the one male & other; Arbitrary royal elder sister & throughout; The existence of the template, she is to meet the male dominance.

and TongLi, by contrast, the more prominent is emphatically she & other; Warriors & throughout; Identity, rather than her & other; Women & throughout; Gender.

she is a gunner, heavy firepower in the team, showing the effectiveness of worthy of the position, his teammates also content with hiding after her cover. Even before the rescue hostages, captain put forward she hostages rescued Deng Mei, teammates immediately pointed out that based on her heavy firepower identity, she as a warrior is more useful than as a hostage.

this moment borrow teammates creators of explicitly named her mouth & other; Warriors & throughout; Identity, her presence is no longer & other; Conquered by male teammates throughout the female &; But & other; A key member of the team & throughout; .

2, indifferent & other; Female civilians throughout the &;

the doctor Rachel, “war Wolf” series and “red sea” in reporter Xia Nan, although the job is different, but they belong to the category of war movie role & other Female civilians throughout the &; .

battlefield & other; Civilians throughout the &; Role in general is very simple, is to highlight the cruelty of war and the leading role of humanity. While & other; Female civilians throughout the &; Often because of their gender identity is endowed with & other Worship of men & throughout; , as well as & other; To the battlefield with a peach & throughout; The burden of. Rachel and that two doctors did it perfectly.

the seemingly domineering & other; I am not a woman, I am a doctor & throughout; Declaration, on the surface seems to emphasize the role of independent, but in fact is shaped in the typical male perspective & other; Female man & throughout; Image. And she is in love with men, is that men with his & other; Masculinity & throughout; Will she & other; Reduction & throughout; As a traditional & other; Women & throughout; In the process.

Rachel this role is a typical & other; Tool for people throughout the &; , she is a little pink full screen of the male hormone, is for the hero of flowers, is to meet men & other; Worshipped throughout the &; Psychological placebo.

and Xia Nan instead of just the opposite. Writers use & other; Not a woman & throughout; Such lines to foil her professional, also did not give any arrangement between her and captain & other Love at first sight again fall in love three false life & throughout; Romantic feelings. As a journalist, occupational embodied in her in word and deed, and even collapse wail not because she is a woman, just like captain calm action not because he is a man.

her value in the play is not a hero medal in the chest, but is indispensable in the plot development.

3, conclusion

even if action thering is no lack of women in the audience, media still the war film as & other; Men to & throughout; , as if to watch this movie needed is Yin stem not eyes and taste. Under this kind of male dominated thinking limitations, natural is limited by the initiative of the female role, became used to please the actor represents the male & other; Tool for people throughout the &; And they are not the only female character was flat.

when a & other; Gay men do things, like lesbian & throughout; To encourage women from confined to & other; Family & throughout; From out of the traditional female image, and went into the workplace. Then accordingly, film and television works as reality reflected, began to provide women with more broad space for development and multiple image, we can see on the screen & other; Female doctors & throughout; , & other Female reporter & throughout; , & other Female white-collar & throughout; , & other Female warrior & throughout; And so on a variety of women of different professions.

however, these seemingly enjoy & other; Freedom and equality & throughout; Multiple female characters, still dragging stereotypes & other; Women & throughout; The chains. Even if sometimes the creator does want to shape a more independent role, but stuck in & other; Woman should be so & throughout; Stereotypes in the circle of struggle, finally just create another & other; Men in the eyes of women & throughout; .

and the female characters in the red sea so brilliant, precisely because they are not as & other; Female warrior & throughout; , & other Female reporter & throughout; But as & other; Warriors & throughout; And & other Journalists & throughout; Be shaped. Gender identity is their role in the background, rather than the standpoint of the whole role. Them and play each role, and the whole plot supplement each other, rather than & other; Waiting for the conquest of kaolin flower & throughout; Or ornament picture & other; Visual candy & throughout; .

women need not be a man to conquer, but born to & other; People throughout the &; In the respect.