Turn off the light before the husband and wife talk these more harmonious

guide language: lights before going to bed, and the other half and often helps couples communication, enhance mutual feelings. The following six topics is very suitable for the slumber of husband and wife, can increase interest already, also can adjust atmosphere.

turn off the light before the husband and wife talk these more harmonious

1. The outlook for a better future

although life difficult, but think about what the future of a better life before sleeping can help each other to resolve a lot of negative energy, let each other temporary relief from heavy boring work everyday. Imagining the future the finer things in life, the feeling is very wonderful, especially both of you to pursue her dream and motivate each other.

2. More admire each other

praise, shouldn’t be reward of love once in a while, but a part of daily life. Morning and waved farewell to their lover, pay more attention to glance at Ta new haircut; When he help you bear the housework, more praise and praise. Talk about these, your lover will put big smile on her face. Before going to bed a little bit more praise for boring pillow talk a little more romantic and emotional appeal.

3. Agreed to try new things

day bored, talk more before sleep & other; The new material & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Talk about never done something new: a new restaurant and a new movement, such as rock climbing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, go where have never been to travel, meet new friends. If one night sex experience, talk about the way you want to try next time. Discuss improving your sex life, always can make the pillow talk with passion.

4. Talk about vacation plans

holiday gives person’s feeling is cozy, comfortable, want to go to the place, want to do, and all the happy holiday ideas. This discussion can promote the spirit of the husband and wife, release from work stress and mitigation, and motivate you to achieve goals faster.

5. Pick up romantic memories

ask your lover to remember the first kiss, you two are on holiday for the first time, or any romantic memories. A subject that inspire another topic, in imperceptible in, you will be more glad to fall in love with each other.

6. Review the dull and happy day

talk about a day’s work and life, some small details make you proud or smile. Familiar with each other’s lives, the insecurity will be no room, the couple can feel more intimate connection.