Trump his ex-wife motivational legend: never lose wendi

guide language: the President of the United States daughter ivanka trump known as, while her mother ivana’s story is rich with & other; Legendary & throughout; That claims to wendi and princess Kate’s upgrade.

ivana trump and

the US President’s first wife ivana is not as dramatic, daughter ivanka but as trump’s ex-wife, how may not have the story?

heard of running for President, have you ever heard of & other; Throughout the campaign &; The first lady? This thing after the President took office trump will never stop, ivana to openly declared: she is the original trump, namely real American first lady: & other; I have the line number of the White House, but I really don’t want to call him (trump), because (wife) Melanie her in. I don’t want to cause jealousy, but in fact I’m trump’s first wife, I am the first lady, I and Donald (President of the United States) or friend now, almost two weeks contact again? Throughout the &;

trump’s current wife Melanie also sit not to live, accused ivana hype is to sell books: & other; I feel the glory, for the first lady wanted to use his own identity to help the children, not to hype selling books, like former former speech clearly no meaningful, just in order to attract attention and self-serving grandstanding. Throughout the &;

not only such, ivana was also invited to attend the trump of the inauguration and sitting in the front row in the middle of the position. Trump usually encounter problems, also will contact ivana advice, even to the biggest campaign trump: he the efficient beautiful, to help him pull the countless liking and daughter ivanka votes, and his former wife ivana built up.

so ivana is what kind of noble, can have the spirit? Ivana actually just the Czech republic, the daughter of an ordinary family, but she like Kate, did not give up for your ordinary life ambition. She is good at sports, especially skiing, and have a lot of self-control and toughness, has a target to complete personality.

20 years old, ivana married a Canadian, through the marriage, she was able to leave the hometown, relatively backward when getting a green card of Canada, the marriage only lasted for 2 years. Soon after the divorce, ivana George fell in love with his former classmates, handsome but George can’t satisfy the ivana ambitions, less than 2 years, ivana divorce again, came to New York from Canada, when a ski instructor during the day, evening part-time model industry, which models the job, help she met her third husband & ndash; & ndash; Developers trump, nine months later, they got married. From humble origins to same but finished & other; Marriage triple-jump & throughout; Experience, let the net friend has been compared with ivana and deng.

ivana to trump, paulson had three children of older daughter is now accompany father to the multinational ivanka, built the great White House adviser is ivana. From Ivan card as an adult, ivana will refuse to provide in addition to tuition fees, ivanka part-time model since high school, later became the star designer, have their own brand clothing, jewelry, and perfume, now & other; Throughout the first daughter &; In public so glamorous, confident, cannot leave ivana from training.

at the same time, with ivana trump divorced in 1992, ivana is not like a regular woman crying or recover, but immediately to collect evidence, legal divorce, she finally got several mansions and $25 million (about life money 200 million yuan) natural and unrestrained leave. Husband, but even in the face to face change ivana did not bring children, marital sentiment still education the children get along with my father, this rapport when trump campaign for him to pull a lot of votes.

career, ivana is typical of a workaholic, even have complained in the past ivana trump too love work, she opened his own company, host, on her when she frequently appear in the design of jewelry and clothes in fashion magazines. According to their own experiences, ivana published autobiography and novels, also translated into 25 languages.

and wendi experience of coincidence, ivana didn’t give up the love. In the age of 60 married 35, fresh meat, although finally ended in divorce, but she still didn’t give up your life. Today is 67 years old, she still is recognized as the one of the most popular social star in New York.