“Top ten best-selling model husband” do you have?

guide language: when male courtship & other; Best-selling model & throughout; Do you know, 10 & other; The best-selling throughout the husband &; List, do you have?

10 & other; Best-selling model throughout the husband &; Do you have?

the first best-selling husband: well proportioned type

popular index: * * * *

elected reason: his appearance will make you think of m. pei or song yu, he stood there itself is a scenery. When he looks at you, his eyes is the most shining stars; When he smiles, and the sun nor he is bright and colorful. No matter where, he is people the first object. Mentioned him, everyone will stretch out thumb, effectively to say a word: handsome! Iconic sentiment index, discharge of allure, who says only beauty let a person fall in love at first sight? The handsome boy is object of people’s dream too. Model to marry a perfect appearance of man, so girlish dream is what to complete, as a female RenFu ask for anything?

the second best-selling husband: merry wit type

popular index: * * * * * *

elected reason: opine, encouraging words is his forte, no matter what he said, will follow a lot of the audience; No matter what his pen to write, will become the most attention topic. In the party, he is the center of the crowd, he is at home BaiXiao, zhuge liang, is tong pak fu. His piano chess calligraphy and painting master, write good poetry, he will use the most charming words to praise you, also will use the most passionate words to impress you, will use the most humorous words to make you laugh. His mind is always 3 times quicker than you, you wouldn’t think he thought of, even the President of the United States did not think he also came up with. He know all about five hundred of five hundred in five hundred, in any field is rare of the wizards.

the third best-selling husband: pay for superior type

popular index: * * * * * *

elected reason: the absolute success of his career, into the rich list just around the corner. No matter what you want, he would not hesitate to buy it at once. Do you want a diamond ring, he give you pick one of the biggest; You want car, he give you choose the latest version; You want to house, he give you pick the most luxurious location; You want the stars of heaven, although he can’t buy, will give you a check, let you consult with an aerospace sector & hellip; & hellip; All the material requirements, he can meet you easily.

a fourth husband: best-selling pop star type

popular index: * * * * *

elected reason: and he fell in love and it will be the most romantic thing in your life. Give you a kiss in the attic of the setting sun or rain, to the memory of you riding a bike blowing and sweet was sitting in a bar to listen to him sing love songs. He can sit in your window at night in the snow to play guitar, can also send you 999 roses on valentine’s day, or in the boring party suddenly pull up your hand and said, go, let’s go to see the stars.

5 kinds of best-selling husband: sunshine teenager type

popular index: * * * *

elected reason: healthy and lively man, all are strong muscle, feel is good, not only limped off one thousand, fell legs, also can let him carry up the stairs. Cleaning, repair electrical appliances these work at ordinary times, all the needless to say he had a pack a circle son, a vacation can follow him play a ball game, mountain climbing, travelling, jogging, there are endless enjoyment, and can never worried about his health, give a person with great sense of security. He will be your most comfortable harbor broad chest, and he together you will also feel whole body full of strength, vigor and vitality.

6 kinds of best-selling husband: love family

popular index: * * * *

elected reason: the family always comes first for him, you don’t have to worry about he will work with colleagues to fooling around, he must catch the first bus back to pick up the house, cooking. He love the family, like take good care of my eyes, never has a spark of heart beside him read. If you gave birth to a baby for him, he will feel he is the happiest man in the world, and in order to do all the housework on themselves. Things only: the desires of heart forever, forever and you together on the balcony watching the sunrise together moonset.

7 kinds of best-selling husband: pacesetter civilization type

popular index: * * *

elected reason: his adoring to live a day with you, at the feast to old people to send gifts and hospitality to visit. To do the housework like segmentation with you, that he did he never lazy, the you did he never stepped in. You are sick, he’s considerate care; You lost his temper, his modesty and polite. 60 years of age you sheng bowl of rice for him he will also say & other; Thank you & throughout; ; An 70 – year – old him out of the door will kiss you on the cheek to say goodbye; 80 years old before he fell asleep in a rocking chair will also tell you good night & hellip; & hellip; He was always maintained unbridgeable distance with you, to tell you: distance produce beauty.

8 kinds of best-selling husband: delicate life

popular index: * * *

elected reason: his clothes are in the big department store in the mall to buy, also prohibit you from shopping to clothing wholesale market; He drinks coffee with coffee beans cooked after grinding, also forbid you to buy tea bag is a drink; He is used to a layer in guomao hotel to eat western food, also prohibit you from bustling night market to eat remin & hellip; & hellip; In the home everything according to what he said with the most exquisite (to?) : the display of the lamp is bo (wave? Bohemia crystal, a wall is import environmental protection coating, sofa is ikea, bedspread is export, loose put on tea table must be hardcover coated paper magazine, absolutely can’t have a story or humor king & hellip; & hellip; Your friends are all surprised by your delicate degree of the life, often in your home will be found a small place adorn all value daughter, and it was just right.

9 kinds of best-selling husband: unconstrained valiant type

popular index: * *

elected reason: for you and all of his friends, he is a brave words. Anything he could for his friends were due to, chivalrous man full of classic doctrine color. Heavy commitments, light property, righteously, never hesitate to draw out a sword. You against the bird according to people around him, watching him with friends drink 3 cases not drunk, see him as a friend on the river’s lake, see he was praised by all, the heart also seems to his admiration and appreciation, and satisfaction and pride. This is the real man, can entrust a lifetime. He fell in love with is about to thank god for blessing, but once he fell in love with you, this life this world won’t change it.

10 kinds of best-selling husband: free laissez-faire

ideal index: * *

elected reason: he wasn’t tube you, you don’t have to go to him. He was hungry, you eat for him since he would eat very fragrant rice crust; You gave him what to wear are not bashful to wear out and can’t have too poor; Given what he don’t care, as long as there is his idea of fun, whether it’s football game, he will be satisfied. When he was playing, you can do a lot of things he wants to do, have enough time to write things such as Internet, watch TV, cat tease dogs, maybe a lot of night you talk to each other, but occasionally tired, lie on the bed, he would still like a baby hug you say: wife, that’s very kind of you, without you I can do!