These signals on behalf of the women began to have a favorable to you

guide language: boys tend to be more simple, you are interested to her, it is easy to appear, the so-called Tibetan is Tibetan. But a lot of boys didn’t know, some of her performance, what is love hidden possibility, or merely a gentle and graceful.

these signals on behalf of the women began to have a favorable to you

1, the message frequency

you are still in the testing phase, try to have nothing to do with work, business, the mood of the message. If immediate reply, wishes each other each other; If two or three hours to reply, also add that & other; Work busy, sorry just saw & throughout; So, you can also continue to pursue. On the other hand, suggest you lose heart. (each other belong to the message type, another matter) if she often and your message exchanges, also like to have a photo, for instance in which shop now, see anything interesting, etc., goodwill be vividly portrayed.

2, talk to you, which direction is the body?

no matter how she ying ying a smile, sweet the words want to know if I have a favorable to you, please take her body towards the first. Sitting on the case, even if her upper body is inclined to you, as long as her feet are toward the opposite direction, with you to consolidate or very good, is a sign of her heart can also didn’t give you. If it is standing up to speak, then look at the distance between two people. In general, less than 50 cm, is a close distance. But, wait a minute to conclusions, and then look at her body language, is the defensive? For example, holding the arm? If not, her little alert to you heart.

3, eyes don’t lie

ask her the most simple question, like what to eat, don’t like to eat what. At this moment, you want to see is the line of sight of her. NLP research nerve language, a set of view theory, think that people in love, hate this two kinds of emotion, the direction of the eyes is unconscious, but it is certain.

so, want to know her emotional baselines, remember & other; Love & throughout; And & other Don’t like & throughout; The eye direction. Next, in a natural way to ask a link together to send her and your problem. For example, asked her if she want to go with you to a restaurant? At this time to observe her gaze direction, belong to & other; Love & throughout; Or & other; Don’t like & throughout; ? You know, if she really want to hang out with you. No matter how her mouth speaking, if the line of sight is not & other; Love & throughout; The side, I’m sorry, this may just be a social etiquette.

4, goodbye

is going to break up, for example, have already arrived at the station, you in two directions to go away, she went out after two or three steps, turned back to see you? If she so away, no longer look back, that means, you just pure friend relationship. (, customer relationship, the relationship between higher and lower)