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net friend letter:

I was born in 80, walk down the aisle only last year. Thought the happiness of life is about to start, I didn’t think fate again give me such a difficult problem.

he is the only time I met during the matchmaking, tall, very handsome, elegant, is the only one I first saw it feel blush with shame. Looking for more than ten years, finally found her mr.right. The days of love feeling is very sweet. Because we are older, will soon into the marriage. While in love, I feel a bit wrong, because he has never been close to me, and now he has no real kiss me again. During the festival, I spend the night in his house, he didn’t touch me, and I was reminded that to take him to check the body, but I’m afraid to hurt him, did not go, get married with a lot of questions.

wedding night, I will be silly, he unexpectedly with one of his friends live in my house. After nearly half a year’s time, we don’t have any movement. I think maybe he is not put people in heart, so don’t want to and I together. To this problem, me too.

later because the given to the child’s problem, calculate oviposit period, we just knew, feel like to complete the task. I slowly know met what problem, just want to talk to him, and he angry when it comes to the issue, said that if I can’t accept a divorce. I have no way to talk to his mom again, I also said with his mother, you don’t ask him, he will certainly can not stand, you should be more than I know him, he really is a psychological problem, or physical problems. If it is a physical problem should see a doctor. Don’t know his mother is and what did he say, he went mad, make a phone call to let me roll, said lifetime don’t want to see me again! At that time, I head all big, because, although we had quarrel, but he had never talked to me loudly.

I was really want to leave the calculate, later in the family to go away. But after that, we never to peace, the past often cold, he felt I hurt him, I also deeply feel hurt, a little bit of little things can also cause the quarrel. And he has been feeling more and more, in case, from married, he didn’t give me a penny, money also loans the, the rest of the money, oneself flower. Recently, because of the quarrel to divorce, he didn’t say give me a penny, I said I don’t want your money, I spend the money you should give me the total. Results, he said he bought a house, the everything is in the house he bought, I didn’t enjoy it? The implication, I use it all, you should be responsible for the household.

although no into, tangled in my heart, such a man, I can rely on? Now my age is not big, if you have children, a few more years I can do. If a divorce, he still won’t give me a penny, I am the goods.

every day I don’t want to do anything now, I have been to this problem, from or not? Now, although very sad, for he is not completely ruthless, every night I sleep late, looking at the way he fell asleep, the in the mind very not willing to give up. And I live in a smaller counties in the city, if divorced, is bad to find later. Impossible, to find a man who can make me so enchanted! And age is not small, can only get divorced, age, almost all have children, I also started to the somebody else when a stepmother? To think that I feel afraid. Really don’t know, should be how to choose the later days?