The woman is hungry for the six men

guide language: a man the right moves, let her feel you watching, will be very happy. Good husband, to sum up is to make yourself in woman to become a man for her a sense of security.

women eager to such a man

1. Do not smoke or drinking a man who loved sports

as a man, of course, want to have a healthy body, also should have a healthy hobby, the grade can’t be too vulgar. Drinking, and smoking addiction table tables or romantic place, not reading a book, not a healthy hobby, love sports, the body also is bad, so man in addition to let his wife worry about is to let his wife worry about it. Men suffer from already, the wife is bound will follow.

2. Mind wide man caring and considerate wife

a man’s mind should be broad, of petty with his wife, can not always more losers. Let the more wives, family why too seriously? & other; The wife is always right & throughout; May be an exaggeration, but in general should be such, is not a big is not principle, men don’t have to always argue with his wife, or the theory of high and low, win or lose. More caring and love to his wife, a narrow-minded don’t understand care wife of a man is never a flourishing wife.

3. Do not know careless understand romantic emotional appeal of men

man always more rational than emotional, emotional world is most simple and crude, but this will hurt my heart in imperceptible let his wife, and let his wife disappointed, especially inside special tender affectionate emotional world rich wife would feel neglected by desolate, but most of the men didn’t notice that. As a man, should not just be busy work or only know with evil going outside, don’t forget to wife at home. Wife spend some time with family, enjoy the warmth of husband and wife, with his wife’s romantic. A sex is too conservative, don’t understand romantic, don’t understand amorous feelings of man, maybe his wife couldn’t say what’s wrong with his faults, he but how much there is always a pity in my heart, wife also feel warmth from her husband.

4. There is no great man’s doctrine thought man

mong man his wife in his bones must have thought and consciousness of equality of men and women, so he will really go to treat his wife, will truly from the heart to respect the wife, don’t put the wife as instruments of his own appurtenances or have children, will only actions in the daily life of a man’s real character. Men who have a great man’s doctrine thought, maybe will look good on the surface, but at a critical moment to wife spirit vomiting blood, and the bones of great man’s doctrine thought can’t fundamentally change, to be his wife is bound to the lifetime of injustice.

5. Faithful to marriage men

a man the most let his wife do not rest assured let wife heart is man lewd flower heart, a man no matter how handsome he looks, how high degree, career how rich, how to make money fast, if you don’t loyal to marriage to his wife, or lover, this is the most ruthless shame to his wife. The home has unfaithful husband, happy woman destined to have no blessing to enjoy go hand in hand.

6. Steadfast work career men

a man who didn’t work didn’t cause could be a man? Here, of course, said the work do not have to be indomitable spirit or glory great cause, can work steadfast, serious work. And a street all day doing nothing or network small bludger, or rely on the property of the forefathers left to live, you can’t really rely on a guy like that, is not poor suffer indignities, feckless man is the most let a person look down upon.