The woman in the marriage should be calculating?

to play all the woman in the marriage?

shia is a RenSiLi girl. Behind her despite family opposition, despite numerous suitors, nothing to Ivan married nothing at all.

the day go to civil affairs bureau to license shia firmly in front of my parents and brother sister-in-law said:

I can earn money! I also is not afraid! I care about is he the man, as long as Ivan really good to me, I’ll tell him all my life!

shia clearly remember, in those days the night before the wedding, the mother in tears secretly gave her 300000 dollars to him, and told her that this was home to her BaoMingQian, less than the most difficult time never take it out. But she also didn’t wait upon heat, the second day to Ivan. In order not to let Ivan have any pressure, she only brief said 1:

know you have a dream! Don’t have enough money, we go slowly. Can think of some way to together!

day, Ivan was moved his eyes red, he with his fists tightly, put his arm around the shia, voice choked: dear, know that you understand me!!!!!!! I will try my best, let’s now everything is just temporary, I will soon let you live a rich and happy life!

at that moment, shia smiled. She snuggled in Ivan’s arms, mumbling way:

I don’t need any of your promise, you hard!

in the third year of marriage, made 800000 Ivan company. During the festival, Ivan ask shia: honey, do you think you are big belly, I want to use the money to you and your child down an apartment, so we three people in nanchang, even if have a real home!

shia some moved, but still angrily pushed on Ivan’s head:

you ah, don’t dream just a little bit big? You never want to make more money, put the business bigger, then NianLia buy bigger villa for us?

Ivan holding the shia, smiled: silly woman, will know that you know me!!!!!!! That I listen to you, the house we will buy later! I have remembered, however, must be a villa!

in the fourth year of marriage, they had her first child was born, the child’s milk powder, diapers, home costs more and more. But Ivan’s previous investment and income are not a penny.

the Chinese New Year is coming soon, shia secretly sold all the jewelry when they get married. She to sell jewelry 9000 dollars into the hands of Ivan:

the New Year, all the parents want to buy things on both sides pack a red envelope, let’s etiquette can’t lose! I forget it, these nearly enough money to have a years. Then over the years, I can go back to work. Satisfied you trust, I had arranged well and next door’s aunt Lin, anyway take grandson at home, she let her during the day to help take care of the swirl, I took back from work at night, as long as give her one thousand dollars every month is enough. So that I can to boost their household income, you won’t have any burden.

Ivan low head took the money, nothing.