The wife to long life

guide language: a better marriage, it is important to choose the right partner, in order to secure harmony through life. So many men are very cautious when mating, and a lot of research has shown that with the right women, men will be more longevity. Exactly what is the truth, and see it together.

the wife tells

1. Male longevity & ndash; & ndash; Don’t marry beauty when wife

Spain, according to a study with a lofty women to be alone for a long time, the body is associated with heart disease of the stress hormone cortisone concentration will rise. The researchers asked 84 male students participated in the experiment. When the woman left, only two men sat together in the room, voluntarily accept the man, stress levels did not increase; When subjects and woman alone in a room, two people he cortisone levels will rise. A small amount of cortisone improved alertness and promote positive health effects. Long-term high cortisone concentration, however, will make diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and impotence.

2. Male longevity & ndash; & ndash; The cry is

& other; The man cry cry cry isn’t an offense & throughout; ! Cry really able to ward off depression, women cry more important reason is thought to be life long. The “mental health” report, depressed they secrete a kind of adrenaline, hormone called pain, it makes people depressed and dejected, reduce life. Well, the pain hormone can be through the sweat and the tears or urine. So when feeling depressed, can do more exercise, let the body sweating or cry, can the pain, out of the body.

3. Male longevity & ndash; & ndash; Abundance

Finland, researchers have found that the life satisfaction stronger men are more likely to have a longer life. , researchers say women are more likely speaks to others by taking exercise, or to find the way to solve the problem, and the men who are not satisfied with life likely sorrows-drowning, or through the smoke to relieve stress, these will be serious damage to health. Is not satisfied with, according to a study to the life of men and contentment than men, the former because of various reasons to two times more likely to die, and the former than the latter three times more likely to die of illness, on the other hand, those who have the drinking habits of men’s higher risk of death.