The wife doesn’t take me when people look at

the wife don’t take me when people look at how to do

net friend letter:

the sky always blue teacher, hello! Have read your articles, like many strangers, before always think you are a woman, see you long time ago, and recently didn’t know that you are a man. So, I really want to and you say something about my story, discuss gender inequality in the society now, Yin flourishes while Yang declines.

under the first to introduce myself, I’m 42 years old, jinan, soe employees, age 19 years and have a daughter in high school. Wife five years younger than me, also is our jinan native, she is a middle school teacher. Our marriage is happiness in others’ eyes, marriage is too smooth, daughter good grades, the two of us working stability, we three are often the envy of others. Respect the sky always blue teacher, however, the appearance of bright and happy, in fact is I acquired at the cost of humiliation. My wife is a very strong woman, the daughter was afraid of her, and I are so although not afraid, but out of respect, also is to the family sense of responsibility, after all, I am a man, not always haggle over every ounce with her, so time is long, she was formed in the home is totally centralized situation.

marriage for so many years, she always in front of the kids, scold to me, blame me wrong here, there is not good. But I do, the more the more she was not satisfied with me. Blue sky forever teacher, daughter since the childhood, small to diaper bubble milk powder, big to get sick in the hospital, from school undergrounds, is all I was doing. And she just tutoring the child’s homework, but she will erase all credit for me. Said the daughter can get in the key high school, is all behind her, said nothing to me.

she in addition to the first two to three years of marriage, the family so so to me. Behind this for more than ten years, for my house and for her own family, that really are two completely different treatment. I and she said, on both sides of the parents and the family you want a bowl of water, but she said I have a daughter, my parents brothers and sisters you so much, the water can’t. I say that parents are the same? She said can’t, you parents are brothers and sisters parents, my parents only I a person’s parents.

over the years, my income has been higher than her, unit welfare is good too. But she put my wages bridge card, and things, is all his own will control, only give me one thousand dollars in pocket money each month, don’t allow me to play CARDS, don’t let I smoke, I smoke and even a gift wine, she also want to rob the past to sell. Blue sky forever teacher, I feel living well in such marriages timid, there is no self. I have been in patience, if which naive is coming to the end, I also don’t want to stay with her.

in fact so many years, I didn’t talk to her because of this matter. But she did not listen to, but also words insult me, you men have no a good thing, if I had three days, no matter you’ll have built jie watts. Takes my ten years ago, had been secretly lend money to my sister’s things, but at the time I also was forced, because I know that and she said, she won’t lend, but my sister is good to me, I was in college is for her, her difficulties I could not go to tube, people can’t do this not battle righteousness.

and, the most let me feel angry and headache thing, she a few had good sisters, all is the kind of bitch don’t husband when people look at. There are two is to open a clothing store, make yourself like a goblin, husband is wearing and torn, also sell SAO outside all day. One of her husband is terminal cancer, she still don’t go home all day, beer and skittles in the outside, or children. Another is to work in land and resources bureau, her job is her father-in-law, director of she and flirting. Her husband do all the housework, but also at night to put stall in the evening everyday to the middle, we all play together, she’s always bossing her husband. Blue sky forever teacher, she is surrounded by some of these people, she can’t not be affected, and those qualities are not high, if like this all the time, she would be, I believe that people are easily affected by environment.

I was wondering, what’s wrong with this society is now? Why men make women hold? I earn money more than her, than her strength, do the housework than she frequently, with what will let the woman always capricious? I now more and more to hold, I will sooner or later the account management way with her. So, I’d like to hear the sky always blue teacher’s opinion, I don’t know what is your opinion? Please grant instruction!