The university alumni brought girlfriend with my roommates could happen

together to rent a house, rent one half of water and electricity, in this mode, the 25-year-old Zhang Lin and small square of the same age when cement roommate for a year. But more than two months ago, the situation is broken & ndash; & ndash; Little girlfriend moved in, the house more than one person, the money the zha, two of them, however to outdo each other.

roommates girlfriend move in or rent

reporter comes to Yubei District hing street paveway 14 village back rent, saw the Zhang Lin. This suite of two rooms one hall, the rent is RMB 1500. In January 2017, as a former university alumni, small party together with my roommate Zhang Lin rented a house, each person pays 750 yuan a month rent. In addition, Internet fee, gas, management fee and other costs are Shared, & other; Fair, we have been get along well with each other. Throughout the &;

Zhang Lin an 4 s shop in the center of the steam bo work, small square in YuBei an advertising company work, after work, two basic order takeout dinner together, also AA, & other; We are not in chongqing, my hometown at that time felt like the other side of the family, the brothers. Throughout the &;

but more than two months ago, everything started to sour, little will be his girlfriend to bring back, announce after his girlfriend is officially at the house, and peace of roommates life also began to change.

the calculating formula of zhang rate in 3 points and 2 small party is responsible for the

Zhang Lin said, little girlfriend named ping ping, 24 years old, work as a receptionist and a small party work in the same office. The ping ping after moving in, the house of the overhead. Such as Zhang Lin and small party general 2 bathe once a day, 5-10 minutes at a time, but the ping ping to take a bath every day, every time more than half an hour. Another example of the sitting room before no one use of the television, now the ping ping into the middle of the night watching TV every night; In addition, three people have dinner at night, delivery will be a lot more food and drinks, but still press 2 doses pays; Before both without air conditioning, the ping ping moved to after the air conditioning is after work on into the middle of the night just off & hellip; & hellip;

Zhang Lin said, 2 months, much more than usual hundreds of yuan, the utilities dinner costs are passed from past 30 yuan per capita to 50 yuan. Zhang Lin think, in this case, the cost of house in the should be divided into three parts, small party should pay two reasonable, & other; After all, they both have a salary, intersection is more reasonable. Throughout the &;

small square calculation formula of rate cannot be changed because accounts for only one house

Zhang Lin in early march to a small party to deliver their ideas, but a small party was very angry, scold Zhang Lin haggle over every ounce, two people therefore, yet each other words all don’t say what, also began a eat a supper.

yesterday, the reporter on the small side of phone calls, he and the ping ping is the outlet shopping together. Small fang said, his girlfriend after moving in, and they use the same room, his girlfriend a person do not increase how much the cost of utilities, but also actively do the cleaning, washing the dishes, etc., the whole house in apple-pie order, & other; Eating take-away, and she can’t eat a few mouth, this also want to care about? Throughout the &; He didn’t think Zhang Lin calculation is the milk of human kindness, too care about, let him feel chilling.

& other; Oh, big deal we can move over time, not Shared. Throughout the &; The ping ping complained to one side.

look at their rate calculation

reporter survey found that a lot of young people who have just started work today choose to rent, but as the existence of some objective conditions, the rate of calculation formula are also different.

1, according to living area calculation rent

the 26-year-old homeport Shared with their colleagues, the three rooms one hall house in xiejiawan, bedroom sizes, one with separate bathroom, a room is relatively capacious, and converted from a small study, a few people in advance, say, choose to live the biggest bedroom (with separate toilet) homeport, pay the rent 300 yuan/month, live more than 2 bedroom hand in 150 yuan/month, and other expenses.

2, bear the whole house clean hand over 200 yuan less

25 year old and two university classmates Xie Min share in Yubei District wuling road, three-bedroom house are contracted by the roommate liu one clean, such as sweeping, garbage, etc., three people to get together every night, split the money later, made by xiao liu cooking and washing the dishes, & other; Particularly strong ability, her life was to serve as the role. Throughout the &; As a result, few people discuss well, councilor liu life rate less pay 200 yuan per month.

comments: rent before you made room rules

psychological association in chongqing brandon Chen thinks, sharing the first step is to choose the suitable her flatmate, future roommate is easy to get along with, and whether their life habits, hobbies, taste, is often borrow live, whether to have friends like raising pets, etc., should be careful about these aspects.

the second step, if you have already found a roommate, and are ready to share, and his Suggestions made room rules, not only for rent distribution requirements well in advance, there is some common living space of the details of the establishment of, for example, cleaning of public space allocation, begin to have a rest at night don’t influence others whether the use of washing machine, kitchen toilet time limit, etc.

Zhang Lin and small parties obviously only do the first step, the second step is not considered, will produce such contradictions, suggested two people if you want to continue to rent, best communication, calmly and putting together a room, to share a life no longer awkward.

university just graduated out to rent a house, is the choice of many people, as to whether to find a satisfactory house, a satisfied with a roommate, really is luck. Met at the beginning, when you rent a house, what wonderful work, talk to comment area, don’t spit unpleasant!