The seven men the most “scary”!

neighbors Zhao Jie work in the supermarket, she told me a story.

38 women’s days, on the eve of a pair of young couples to them the supermarket.

women pick up a box of health food thrown into the shopping cart.

a man looked at favour ask: who bought?

the woman say: buy give me mom!

a man continue to cross-examine: is your mother, or my mom?

women without thinking: of course is my mother!

some unhappy man, in a small voice oh a cry.

women find sound wrong, hurriedly added: by the way, if your mother need it, we’ll buy two boxes of!

man leng for a while: no, still buy a box! Our house is not a box * * *? Although the term is a bit close, but there is still time to let mom to eat.

women seems to be some can’t keep up with rhythm, the newly bought a box of it?

see women not happy, men reckon explains: for my mom! My mother in the countryside, we still don’t know what time can go back. Long term things by leave some & hellip; & hellip; You know what my mom likes to stay, until the last to take away & hellip; & hellip; If we give her the expiring things, will certainly be broken & hellip; & hellip; What might even make a joke.

Zhao Jie side and I speak, and a face of abandon:

the man seemed to be the five six, thought was so selfish! If I were that girl, slap shot him to death! A big masters, net know ShuaXinYan tube these things. With what to buy my mom, you must give your mother buy? With what time long will leave your mom? Also said so all is a way, sick to death me!

the seven selfish narrow-minded man, the most terrible!

to be honest, I agree with Zhao Jie point of view.

in fact, for women, the most terrible marriage, often is the appearance of people five six, seems have a lot of accomplishment, and the heart is very narrow selfish man!

very cherish their own face, but each time the love, will be at the expense of the expense of others;

they are often on the tooling for others, but in fact is always in the back with their life;

they drive others weaknesses, congenital one is changed decayed for magical, integrate various resources of experts;

and any communication between them, as long as they didn’t really finished, we will never know that he finally how much turn, what real intentions.