The Russian girl face man drought China lang became a “good catch”

guide language: data statistics, the number of Russian women is 10.5 million more than men, the percentage of single women as high as 49%. If & other; Man drought & throughout; Trends continue, there are concerns that Russia may one day become & other; Girl country & throughout; .

met & other Russian beauty; Man drought & throughout;

there are countries in sorrow for the ratio is not harmonious, when most people to & other; Leftover women & throughout; The Halloween, Russia will be silently & other; Girl country & throughout; .

according to the latest figures, the Russian women now account for 54%, men accounted for 46%, among them, the total number of single Russian women more than 3000. In fact, more than 20 years, Russia’s population has been negative, the total number from 1992 in 148 million to 2013 in 143 million, growing gender imbalance. Perhaps because of scarcity, a man becomes some unscrupulous in Russia. Women complain that men are too lazy, they like to sit in front of the TV or computer drunk, is not willing to take the time to please a woman. Now, whether in the streets of Moscow, or in a coffee shop or the restaurant, people always see those single women together.

however, Russian girls are famous for their beautiful and brave are the choices of partner made by the expansion of denotation, Chinese guy is very popular. For sasha a Moscow university graduates, reading junior year been chosen to study abroad in sanya, China, Philippines sasha not only addicted to Chinese traditional culture, and fell in love with a Chinese guy.

& other; It completely out of my expectation, I was holding the wholeheartedly learn Chinese language and literature, Chinese culture style idea to come to China, but I didn’t think just come soon usher in a vigorous love & throughout; Sasha, told reporters.

thin sasha, said she and Chinese boyfriend to know each other very occasionally. & other; Just know, because he has a very standard mandarin, I communicate with him as a good way to make Chinese level quickly improve. Later, the typhoon & lsquo; Attack in sanya, in campus a mess, I panicked, my prince charming & lsquo; Save & rsquo; Out of me. I met with him before the typhoon came several times, so he took the chivalrous flavor & lsquo; Save for beauty & rsquo; Let me pleasantly surprised, for Chinese boys moment broke out. Throughout the &;

thin sasha said, & other; Russia-china marriage & throughout; Seems to be more and more popular. & other; According to my observation, & lsquo; China male with Russian female & rsquo; Than & lsquo; China female with Russian male & rsquo; The pattern is more common. My friends and classmates, examples of this throughout many &; . Thin sasha said, in addition to let her admiration of chivalrous behavior, Chinese boy romantic also having a unique style. & other; Russia boy chasing girls routines almost always invariably: went to a restaurant for dinner, send a bunch of flowers, after sending the girl back home. China’s Mr. Right way is more romantic dating: go to the park or the seaside for a walk, chat, watching the sun sets, then have dinner together. Throughout the &;

& other; Chinese boys are rare strong & lsquo; Male chauvinism & rsquo; . With the Russian boy, don’t talk about the other boys, whether it is your high school classmate, or a colleague or neighbor. Most boys like to make people around you see Russia himself with his girlfriend, stressed she is & lsquo; My & rsquo; . I seldom see such a phenomenon in China. Throughout the &; Chinese boys form of affection also let Mr Sasha comfortable: & other; Russian lovers usually enjoy the feelings of love to yourself in public places live expression. China, by contrast, boys like a thermos bottle, infront of two people world, bottle water suddenly fell out. Throughout the &;

& other; After marriage? Chinese man family, can cook cook, also can do the housework. Moreover, Chinese men seldom complain. Can some Russian men, who are very childish, don’t like the job will never accept, don’t adhere to the principle of family to like Chinese people. Throughout the &; & other; Yes, drinking is an important indicator. Chinese men & lsquo; Drink large wine & rsquo; The less, this point is vital to Russian girls. In Russia, & lsquo; Addicts & rsquo; How many family ruined! Throughout the &; In addition, according to sasha said, her husband a female Chinese demand for children’s dedication and pay attention to children’s education way let her feelings.

fe sasha thinks, she live in China’s time is not long, so the view is not necessarily accurate and fair. Russian girls don’t like Chinese boys are many, such as they think some Chinese boys do not pay attention to personal hygiene and appearance, with a girl, isn’t a gentleman, & other; This technology is not high & throughout; . But she stressed that she & other; Marriage between China and Russia & throughout; Hope because of what she thought the most Russian girl fall in love with Chinese boy because of affection, rather than other external factors.