The most popular, what woman? They is a man’s success in the thrust

before people like by looking at the faces to judge whether a woman’s flourishing, & other; Wenger’s phase & throughout; Whether to believe, this is for anybody. In the 21st century today, we judge a woman is enough eyeballs, depending on the character and connotation.

what a woman the most prosperous husband?

what women are the most popular man: woman experienced

a lot of men feel the experience of women are difficult to manage, it is a one-sided view, actually just because after the natural things to choose your men won’t literally just like a little girl. Mature woman also had a girl like childlike, through the baptism of the dream and reality before they become mature it is today. With these experiences they will have more wisdom and tolerance heart, career is more open, more woman should have all rivers run into sea tolerance. Because they know how to wisdom and action to resolve the difficulties and contradictions in life, and such women live together, life natural wind at some more.

what women are the most popular man: taste unique women

in the development of society, people’s quality of life also in development. People not only pursuit of material satisfaction in your life, also need to meet the spiritual. Though not necessarily texture to a living out of art like artists, but a certain taste is very important for a woman. In such a woman’s eyes money would not be so important, even in the not very rich environment, also can give you create a sense of life. Men are eager for success, but actually have such woman you have succeeded. When your home is beautiful, life is full of poetic flavour, believe you will take pleasure in a good mood every day. & have spent

what women are the most popular man: warm woman is content

always appreciate if you are the one the permanent guest huang han teachers in the program, she is a contented warm woman. Such women inner soft can resolve all the heavy things, indifferent to fame and wealth carefree state of mind. To be able to meet such a woman is a man’s lifetime blessing and luck. She will be a bright proud of you, will also gentle encourage you. There is such a woman beside you won’t be more satisfied, but won’t be disappointed. She will give you life bring calm.

what women are the most popular man: sincere and open-minded woman

many of life’s frustrated is small, the majority of people’s life will not have so many big waves. Can you think of his wife’s nagging and jealous is not much of a problem, but they can cause mild war between you. That would make sincere and open-minded this two qualities in a woman is so precious, because as long as women have these two kinds of quality, so most of the family life will calm. At the same time, she would put her open-minded, open-minded, sincere to you, let you become a better person.

what women are the most popular man: virtuous and considerate woman

is virtuous and considerate is the highest state of women in the family, and people are happy to see his wife image. Why everyone like his wife, because and such women together, you don’t have to go to suspicion, suspicion also need not complain and endure, you will have a kind of easy feeling. Like things to say as long as she is. Your tired she can, she can share the pressure, you disappointed she can teach you, your fickleness she can also be easily resolved.

the most flourishing, what woman? Test you whether prosperous husband women

name calculation method: please use traditional Chinese characters stroke calculation!

personality: surname + name the first word.

to g: two words together, after the name does not include the name, if the name is a word, last word + 1. Example: wang wen=+ 1=5, lattice until on 5

total gretl: name the total number of all the words together.

1, shield the personality, and always there are 14, 24, 34 ruled with this group of women in the name of the stroke may be a husband, the husband didn’t refuse to the others, will take them as an excuse to refuse others’ request, or the husband have something, they will to solve things for the husband. But there is this group of woman, whose name is also to be betrayed.

2, right-hand man’s personality, and always there are 22, 31, 37, 26 strokes with this group of women in the name of the stroke is usually a good wife, good at all kinds of relations, such as housework, with children, even at work can help in one hand, in all good will be to help the husband to do many things, let the husband has no trouble back at home to work, do your own thing, they too you know planning, so this group of name of the woman’s husband’s right-hand man, and is also very popular. & have spent What women of the most popular, they is a man’s success in thrust

3, financial support, personality and total 9, 18, 19, 21, 36 stroke with this group of strokes of the woman be very will make money, energy, and is good at creating wealth and money, can make flowers, usually have no pity for another companion to spend money, also know the pay for someone else, so marry to this set of names stroke a woman man blessing.

4, spiritual personality, and total there are 19, 23, 28 with this group of women work very diligently, in the name of the stroke and very energetic, will go all out to do things well, and have enough wisdom to teach the other half, be the husband of intangible noble, but often the husband does not thank yourself, he doesn’t know his own well-meaning, want men to this kind of woman to cherish.