The man’s seven kinds of desires do you understand?

guide language: every man has such that some things, as his partner you really know what he want?

7 kinds of men want you understand?

1. Recognition

a man wanted to conquer the whole world, so, men need most is to be recognized, agree with you. Although he can do is meaningless, but, don’t hit man. Blow hurt a man’s pride, he would feel lonely and helpless. Clever woman should learn to appreciate the man, the man can not conquer the entire world, but he want to conquer a woman’s world. The creator in creating man, have given the thinking men and women of different personalities. Will attract each other, so the women should be recognized. Is nature, not a fool. Meet the man expansion of hypocrisy.

2. Warm

man is fragile creature, need a lot of time is the feeling of warm, not only the physical, more is the warm heart, tired, tired, like a lazy cat, hide in a corner to bask in the warm sun, warm. Don’t blindly believe that men are strong, in fact, more men than women need warm, need care, need sweet words.

3. Considerate

a man like watching movies, football, like watching NBA, because the man’s emotional world is straight, not like spider silk net net, more won’t tangle twine around like silk. Men in the pursuit of their favorite woman, can give everything, this is a man’s nature to desire: to conquer. Don’t believe that men will always be so good to oneself, the man also will be tired, will be bored. Men also need caring, need to understand.

4. Life

no matter how accomplished a man how to succeed. It is the same: three meals a day, rice mouth, tea etc. Man is not the air, it is necessary to life, no matter what he’s thinking, no matter what he’s doing, one thing is certain, he needs to eat. Fills the belly to survive. Someone once said: the way to a man’s heart, first of all the way to a man’s stomach. Fill his stomach, even if a man ruthless, he may think you cook, you do meal. Give a man a normal living conditions, a man will feel comfort.

5. Forgiveness

people to err, to err is human. A man will make mistakes. Man is impulsive, so often make mistakes. Should deal with the faults of men women should be more tolerant, like a mother education guidance, make mistakes and it could be. Rather than put the man into the abyss, make it more walk more far, can not extricate themselves. Man is a kite, the woman is the line, don’t let a kite has broken its line and can’t find the way home. Tolerance to the man, but also for their tolerance, tolerance of the world.

6. Understanding

don’t dragged the man accompanied the woman to go shopping, this is a woman make a fatal error. Men don’t interested in those colourful decorations, with women go shopping is a kind of suffering, not to enjoy, a man with a woman shopping is: have bitterness could not say. Understand a man, don’t think man to accompany their shopping is an expression of love, that is not to be taunted. All the people can have aesthetic fatigue, let your man you choose and buy goods already there would be no fresh feeling. Intelligent woman to shopping, in kinds of costumes, in kind of hairstyle, another image, let a man shine at the moment. Understand men gave themselves a lot of space at the same time, why not do it.

7. Confidante

a man is looking for confidante, because a man’s heart is easy to lonely, easy to be lonely, not easily satisfied, so man want to communicate, hope people know their own state, know your anguish, get sympathy, get warm, sweet words, novelty, get the taste of love. Even a moth, and to pursue the beauty of the moment.

understand the man, actually very simple, don’t blindly trouble him, do a like mother, like a sister, like my sister, like friends, as a wife, as lovers of woman, certainly can capture more of a man’s heart. Maybe this process will be very complex, but the feeling is a science, in the two sides together, to get more romantic.