The lack of a man’s beauty countries around the world, want to marry Chinese men

the first name: Latvia

the republic of Latvia (latvian: Latvijas Republika), hereinafter referred to as Latvia. Name derived from the national language, meaning & other; Armor & throughout; , & other Metallic clothing & throughout; , it is a republic country located in the northeast of the European parliament. West of the Baltic, with Estonia in its northern and at its southern Lithuania together referred to as the Baltic states. East, which borders Russia, belarus, the total area of 64589 square kilometers.

ratio while 85

Latvia is one of the world’s countries lack of man, the rope and ten female with the clothes, said

there a hot beauty like a cloud, and is very tall and fashion!

the second: Estonia

the Republic of Estonia (Estonian: Eesti Vabariik, English: Republic of Estonia), hereinafter referred to as Estonia, and Latvia and Lithuania in the south and called the three Baltic countries. Estonia on the east, the Baltic sea, south from the southwest near Riga bay, the south and east respectively with Latvia and Russia border. Land area of 45339 square kilometers, subject to Estonia, a total population of 1.313 million (2015), the capital, tallinn.

ratio while 86

as Latvia’s neighbor, Estonia has similar ratio!

3: Ukraine

Ukraine (Ukrainian: У К Р А? Н А) is located in eastern Europe, Russia, the black sea in the south in the east, adjacent to the west and north and belarus and Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and moldova states. Ukraine important geographical location, is the European Union and the commonwealth of independent states (cis), especially with Russia’s geopolitical intersection.

ratio while 86

Ukraine have always rich in beauty, is the Chinese the most looking forward to the choice of foreign bride

in the capital Kiev, graceful shape, looks beautiful, elegant temperament beauty everywhere

a fourth: belarus

belarus or of the republic of belarus, the old translation of don’t los Lucia, who don’t, Ross. Is located in the landlocked country in eastern Europe. Eastern and northern neighbour to Russia, the south and bordering Ukraine, with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, adjacent to the west. Land area of 207600 square kilometers and a population of 9.6898 million people (2008), most living near Minsk or other large cities, [1], nearly 80% of the population as a native of belarus, the main ethnic minorities was followed by the russians, the people from Poland and Ukraine

ratio while 88

belarus population is less, and lack of natural resources, have envy is others’ resources – beauty

because of too much beauty to drain, the President himself even given the order to limit the beauty of export

fifth: Lithuania

the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Respublika, English: Republic of Lithuania), hereinafter referred to as Lithuania, on the east, the Baltic sea and the north of Latvia and Estonia, and called the three Baltic countries, southeast of the neighboring belarus, southwest is Russia’s kaliningrad and Poland, vilnius.