The Japanese wife encouraged her husband to find small three? In fact, is costly

导语:在对待老公找小三一事,日本女人的所作所为让中国女人无法理解。 What makes Japanese women ignore men find small three?

Japanese wife encourages her husband? The truth shocked people

encourage cheating? Strange phenomena in the Japanese culture

in Japanese literature and film and television play everywhere, feeling letting a person is the typical roles in Japan, a woman to a man of words and deeds and all kinds of etiquette, it’s a respectful. Especially in the treatment of the husband to find small three, Japanese women did made Chinese women don’t understand, but also can not understand. So, what makes Japanese women for men to find small three turn a blind eye, some even secretly & other; Encourage & throughout; ?

in Japanese culture, the wife to her husband, a woman must be fully dedicated to the man, to make any sacrifice for each other, this kind of idea & other than in ancient China; His wife as his outline & throughout; Much more strongly. So the Japanese men, especially older men, including some of the boss, very moral, even with & other; Small honey & throughout; Don’t abandon the danger of their wives with him. It is also a Japanese wife encouraged out the main reason for her husband.

Japanese women to men cheat tolerance is amazing. It is said that Japanese men are out of town wife told her husband to take safety measures, take good consideration. So why Japanese men outside & other; Colorful flags fluttering & throughout; ? Main reason for this is to belong to the scope of his wife and belongs to the scope of sexual pleasure separated, the former must belong to obligations, to follow various discipline; The latter infidelity, as long as there is capacity can be a keeper mistress, are in the open, but not allowed to take home, because it can destroy the two areas. That is to say, even if the husband to find out the mistress, his wife complained didn’t also way, after all, it is allowed in Japanese society.

to be honest, the man put this thing in China, if let his wife know that’s not good, don’t say the initiative & other; Advice & throughout; , look at from time to time online & other Small three original bucket & throughout; Tragedy can know, that the breathtaking, means of cruel, kill each other. Whereas treat small three Japanese women, even a little about the children, as long as a man willing to can bring them home, but small three can only do the servant, is not a formal member of the family. And no money man looking for a geisha pastime, wife to groom for them.

the Chinese are different, the Chinese man on this issue is often & other; Real & throughout; , once you find a lover, also don’t, a husband and wife do not, in order to support & other Small honey & throughout; And often lose, even at risk, embezzlement, bribery, the result is a fall in the abyss.

there is kind of strange phenomenon in Japan, that is his wife sometimes & other; Encourage & throughout; Her husband to vent outside of marriage. See the husband is too busy, for example, home and boring, would suggest that he go out & other; For fun & throughout; , her husband also know that this is a bubble bar girl told him to do such things, so also do cheerfully. Everybody happy. That is because many Japanese wife believe that her husband this romantic thing absolutely shake the foundation of the marriage and family, so it was very at ease, and want to control her husband to also do not control well, happy and easy, this is Japan’s wife cleverness.

in addition, in the Japanese society, the family is patriarchy absolutely, this is also a prominent symbol of Japanese society. In this kind of idea, under the long-term effects of Japanese women historically become the world’s most loyal, the most gentle wife, Chinese women can’t to some extent. Then, in one thousand to form a set of rules in Japanese families, that’s what we often see in the film and television: when her husband came home, his wife at the door on his knees and meet, or respectfully pass a hot towel, a cup of hot tea. Of course, this is difficult to say in the set, but has become a scenery of the Japanese society. I’m afraid it is this & other; Patriarchy & throughout; Reason, let an unfaithful husband, wife, there is no room for doubt.

find small three Japanese men won’t abandon their wives, they know little third, we need the money, not with his sincere, so never took out a large sum of money to small three, if the woman when it comes to money, is likely to break up immediately, small three also doesn’t matter, immediately transfer direction and find a new love. Japanese women in the face of her husband’s infidelity can face, this is not a Japanese wife how clever, this is not so much Japan caused by the national environment, this is the Japanese women. Isn’t it?

read on: the cost cheating men

men stray light effect relationship, or lead to divorce, even will be a lifetime of trouble, every man is not worth, a man after an affair, there’s nothing worse than the following four conditions.

a, one night stands by the other party.

a one-night stand is originally you feeling, I would like to, to go to bed, to get out of bed each leave, men and women mutually owe simple events, outstanding characteristic is no interest relationship, both sides are no longer afterwards. Can be affection this thing very strange, husband and wife is one hundred days, a day, life is not lack of love at first sight of a woman, if love and seized a man, will turn into an affair. When playing a one night stand man, the most worried about brothels discovered by his wife, don’t want to deal with each other again, this woman really trouble. And its development into an affair relationship not the thief bravery, to break up with each other and whose entanglement, like swamp can’t pull out the feet, so we have to be careful in the uneasy.

2, secret into the ground.

a lot of cheating men just to look for stimulus, the most worried about after impact effect is not good, so most extramarital affairs are secret. But an affair is not a free lunch, no woman stupid to the morning, let alone the selfless dedication, can go to bed with a married man nature has its purpose, if just for the sake of money can also encompassed eliminate evil, and they were afraid to be each other as a partner. She may have to replace the original provocative visits, contrive to get chicken fly a dog to jump, may also for divorce coerce man active, secret into the floor, please. Men met the lover, only between her and his wife, be careful, that flavor may experience to experience.

3, stimulate the passive when the father.

some of single women in marriage lazy, don’t want to bother to bother to shape a husband, more don’t want to and men together with poor material conditions, then lock successful mature man, when a disgrace of a third party. When her feelings about this man, after used desultory luxury life, so they don’t meet is not straight, it rough & other; Small three & throughout; Status, for a birthright became the ultimate goal. Although some men, the heart does not want to abandon his wife, has its own way to force it does come, the best method is to secretly gave birth to his child. Helpless man knows the truth have missed processing time, can only passive when dad, let oneself have children this link, this lifetime all don’t want to get rid of the other party. & have spent & have spent

4, break-up fee is bottomless.

is said to have an affair also has hidden rules, the woman pay the youth, the man to spend money to pay, in addition to the present, nor break fee free. An affair of the men and women emotionally fragile, don’t look at ordinary times inseparable, once touched interests will instantly turned against. All say women seabed needle, men can never guess. Certainly no woman no got up early, in addition to individual single women want to make her lover husband, more and more women want to get benefits from an affair, selfless dedication of woman where to find these days? When she realized that may be left of that, she would never cheap Jason, for a bit of money or take for granted. For cheating men, break-up fee is not much also can bear, if can’t afford to become a bottomless pit.

flower is the nature of man, can you hold the lower half, wife supervision is not enough light, mainly by self-discipline. Although young women more attractive than yellow face wife, but not a married man, cheating can this kind of matter in the paper through the fire, if you want to know is. Although affair stimulus, it is a man in career minefield, moth box, killer of marriage. A man to become trapped by an affair, it is necessary to pay attention to cultivate one’s morality raises a gender, only can stand the temptation of all kinds, to keep the door to a good marriage.