The husband was to machinate stepmother’s legacy

the husband was the stepmother of heritage machinate

net friend letter:

when I was twelve years old, dad took a stepmother. Maybe because I hate my parents divorce, can’t accept this fact, so the stepmother actually has been a hot and cold.

the stepmother is always with a smile, people will smile, I hate to see her that piece of colours. If without her, maybe my parents already remarried. But year after year, my mother came to see my one eye, never heard that she was married to a shenzhen boss, is 20 years older than her, also for the male life a boy.

‘s stepmother, carries on her work in the rain with my dad to make money together, since the stepmother to marry my dad, huts and slowly turned into a three-story building, in the home and I am from a young has become a big girl. Stepmother at ordinary times is also good to me, although I shouted her mother, but my heart always feel very uncomfortable. Until I get married, she pay for the family, also can’t let I completely accept her at heart.

remember on my wedding day, my mother come to my wedding. I let my mom and dad sat together and to present them with others, that it was my parents. And introduce the stepmother, I said, she is my distant relative. At that time, my mother has been widowed, actually, I think my parents compound has always been the idea, but because of the stepmother on my dad’s good, so I’m just in the mind to think.

at the time, the stepmother is awkward smile, did not reveal my lie, she did not get angry. But, I did not think, I hurt her, will be my lifetime of guilt.

in not long ago, I suddenly got a phone call from my father, he told me on the phone, the stepmother died. I’m surprised, stepmother is not always a good body, how died? Dad said, is stepmother has heart trouble.

the stepmother died, I have eight months pregnant, how long no child will be born. PoGuRen advised me not to go back, afraid of accident, also said that pregnant women can’t attend the funeral, the fetus is not good. But I go back to attend the funeral, for the stepmother is very kind to me, my in the mind have too much too much guilt to her, this is the last time I saw her, and the last time I can do for her.

stepmother left, father’s hair is white. After the funeral, I asked how stepmother and went away. Dad said red eyes, recently a stepmother experiencing discomfort body is frequent, but she is not willing to go to the hospital. She said, her body she knows, we have no money to send.

what dad suddenly remembered, he walked into the room carrying a battered suitcase out and said to me. I asked my father what’s inside, my father let me open the look. I’m curious is opened, it is full of cash. With 100, 50, there are 1 yuan. I think this is probably the years father and stepmother skimp and save the & hellip; & hellip;

said dad, the money is stepmother saved, but stepmother had a chance to survive, but she asked the doctor how many chances of success. The doctor says is only ten percent. So the stepmother gave up, and she said the money to me, because I am going to have a baby, also heard that I want to buy a house, to spend more in the future. And the money, also do not to surgery & hellip; & hellip;

I hear the word of the father retelling the stepmother, the in the mind is very sad, originally stepmother love me so much. But I had hurt her. I let father away the battered suitcase, I can’t take the money inside. But dad said, this is the stepmother’s mind. So I took the, the in the mind of the stepmother is really special sense of guilt.

the stepmother died, my father became a person in alone, I decided to take him to my house to live. But dad said, he is used to the home of all, don’t want to leave, as long as he is in, the stepmother is in. I took a long time, finally persuaded the father, and I lived together.

the husband know dad gave me a battered suitcase, there is money. He began to test with me to ask for to buy a house, he said now lives and more people in the home, it won’t be long before the child was born again, the house is too crowded. We also want to buy a house consulted before actually, just sent money, there would be no more discussions. But I think the money was given to me by my father and stepmother, but also with the stepmother’s life, I can’t spend. The husband scold me stupid, said stepmother’s original intention is for me to buy a house, there’s nothing wrong.

money is father and stepmother, I just want to take it in the future to dad endowment in death, other I can’t think should spend the money. Recently, my mother came to me, seems to want and I live together, and together she and her father. If in the past, I might hesitate. But now, I can’t do this, because I’m sorry the stepmother, daddy also can not be forced. My mother makes me to buy a house, then she help me to take children to live with me. As a result, she has a chance to contact with dad & hellip; & hellip;

I’m very contradictory, don’t know should should not take the money to buy a house, should set your mom or dad. And in my heart, I think I remember my mother’s character, wrong in her eyes, she seems to be only yourself. You said, I should how to deal with the money?

summer mo re:

although is a parent-child relationship between children and parents, but not too much interference in the parents’ marriage. Because, parents’ marriage, parents must judge for yourself, oneself to choose.

your mother, that year and your father, after divorce, never come to see you, is your stepmother, the heart will manage this home. Although, in your heart, she is not your mother, but her stepmother pay for you and your father, are beyond your own mother.

if you want your mother and your father to remarry, you should let her go for himself. And, you should be with your father and mother living apart. Can you give your father alone in a rented a house, so, also can avoid the mother moved you and your life. Don’t let your parents’ marriage and influenced your marriage.

in addition, the stepmother gives you money, you can save half to his father’s account, to his retirement. The other half, you can keep it, emergency or business in the future, or buy a house. Don’t put all the money out and consume, because by then, if your husband’s family against your father, you will become very passive.

don’t interfere in their parents marriage, you only need to maintain good you and your parents affection is good. Learn to refuse, also want to learn to run their own marriage.