The husband gave me as others consummation


husband take me for another consummation

net friend letter:

ten years ago, my husband and I met, all is love each other. His family is poor, people also long old (his father is ill in hospital, the other people see me, said I at least ten years his junior, actually we only four years old).

your family don’t agree with our communication, but he was good to me. I would associate with him, my family ao however, eventually tacit approval. A few years later we get married, the next year have a lovely child. With daily necessities sauce vinegar tea friction, originally hot feelings have become insipid.

four years ago, he became a corporate executive, I’m just an ordinary employee. When he went to a city to attend training, met a woman we all know. After that, he began to pay attention to dress, also constantly praise the woman in front of me. The Spring Festival, the female bless my husband sent text messages, I see, I’m kind of SMS back to say hello to her.

the female angry because of this, and for a time after love reason disregard to my husband, my husband like a lost soul, often sing love songs to express to the woman’s feelings. Valentine’s day, also want to give the female hair message, I leaned forward, her husband didn’t send. One day I woke up at midnight, I found her husband in secretly tears.

a public occasion, I also present, sit back, see the front he stared at the woman for more than half a minute, the woman gave him a slight smile. During the husband fault-finding, look for me. Many times after quarrelling, the husband filed for divorce, I readily promised. I didn’t expect her husband didn’t divorce since.

in these ten years, and my husband and I along with your career, I encouraged him to encounter problems, we solve together. He work summary from the previous pragmatically commitments to the error rate is low, now is my word for word to him and help him to correct the result.

I belong to the gentle type woman, rarely loses his temper; Basically he provoked an argument. He said I am a soft persimmon, knead circle is round, want to pinch pinch flat flat. This is the reason why he reckless? In fact, I have my own opinion, he also admitted it. Just, he’s confident, that I’m better than but he. That woman about my age, than I am beautiful, some on business, earlier than me.

the women want my husband to help her career (higher than her husband position, wide connections). I found that she’ll be good for a man winked at, like casting its net fishing for big fish. Her husband is to do a small business, no common language with her. Her husband has been in the swing, between the female and loyalty to the marriage.

when make love one night, the husband said: & other; I’m in love with you! Throughout the &; And he will know me not, therefore, hear the words, I froze, he is to me as that woman? I know, women should not only economic independence, independent spirit and emotion. Previously, I always hope that he don’t too late to go home, after dinner party about eleven o ‘clock I will give him a call, now I give him more freedom, not to rush him home.

in the second half of last year, the female for speaker vitriolic, maybe colleague relationship was dismissed, deputy director of waiting for a reason, but my business has made great improvement, I now with the female is equal.

the husband thought that the female body is advantages, now see her faults, there was a time no longer want to her. But after a few months later, and began to sing love songs, but only occasionally sing a few words. He often put the song lyrics into related with me, make me happy.

I’m not sure he is true repentance. I found that I had not so love him as before. Please help me to analyze my husband now.

reply online:

sometimes, we always think that marriage is lost to the outside world temptation, in fact, most of the marriage is the marriage of two people lost to operation. Don’t you think that your husband in front of you completely transparent, and lost the least free?

so, do not rule out a possible, your husband just want to get more freedom, before the release of nature outside of marriage. But save the marriage the most appropriate way is not a weakness, not cry, but to make yourself stronger. Fortunately, you are walking in the way of strong now.

there is a phenomenon called: years of emotional feelings is worth only a few days; There is a real name is: a mule is horse out. Tired of your husband to marriage because: you are so smart; Finally fed up with that girl because your husband: that girl is too utilitarian. Now, the women in your husband has reduced much obsession.

about your marriage, mainly to depend on the temptation of the outside world, and is depended on whether you continue to strong and wonder if you could give your husband a relative trust and freedom.