The five fantasy woman for marriage

guide language: premarital women usually have five big fantasy, they think the marriage to get along with and love. They also think that married men will compromise like love when used in front of her. In fact tend to be the five most damaging fantasy, always let a woman in the face of reality after is not here right now.

the five fantasy woman couple life

fantasy 1: you will get used to share with each other each other’s interest

truth: do you think you will love me, love my dog to accept each other everything, his interest as their own interest, you can JuAnJiMei fantasizing about you, and no, and this kind of fantasy in fall off when you are stubborn horse was black and blue all over, just don’t want to go with his experience on horseback are always down a peg or two. By contrast, sofa, you prefer to curl up in a home with clever dog watching soap operas, and his interest in you.

mood rescue: rather than force yourself to share his interests, as well as due to their different interests have said forever fresh topic, as long as in each other’s need to share with him your happiness or misery when accompanied by his side is enough. Each independent mental space can make the two sides closer.

fantasy 2: no matter what differences, you can come up with a compromise

the fact that you will find that after getting married and your husband will be for a little thing to wrangle with you, and you can become haggle over every ounce.

mood rescue: the couple quarrel can’t tell who to who wrong, so don’t expect you can calmly to find a satisfactory to both of the compromise solution, always don’t want him to like you, every weekend just can’t wait to go home to see my mother, also don’t have to force yourself to identity the rotten he going to buy the stock. Diverge when only one party to make concessions and temporary tolerance, the day of you to say goodbye to the wars. At that time, peace of mind is more important than anything!

fantasy 3: you will still like before, when because on a business trip and temporarily respectively, chasing each other by phone every day

truth: married only when you have nothing to do or have something to discuss, will only be figured in phone bill discount time give him a call, and just, and won’t like before with a kiss on a phone. As for your husband, if you are out of town, I suggest you simply give up at any time can find his idea, he would like a paid out rabbit, run in the fastest time.

mood rescue: actually, what’s wrong with that? Only free breathing can ensure the health of the body, the same is true for marriage!

fantasy 4: you will be keen to do for each other after marriage he likes to eat the food, and saw him eat with relish, than to eat happy

the fact that unless there was a man of you consistently love cooking, otherwise you will sooner or later to hate cooking, and work to the washing the dishes after dinner pushed from pillar to post. Some women still often because her husband simply ate her love to eat food and angry, seems to regard love as food situation is just a flash in the pan before marriage.

mood rescue: marriage is depends on the two sides to jointly run by heart, which should also include common to run your table, and try a meal two people all make a dish that oneself like, again a mutual favorite dish of cooperation, which not only can add a lot of fun, or the most fair way to solve the problem of cooking.

fantasy 5: you will still like before marriage after marriage from time to time, all night long

the fact that you only to find that after marriage, husband like premarital words are said to you, for you too talkative, he is always in the most short words to answer, and sometimes even turned a deaf ear, play dumb. Of course you also can have talk all night long time, but it is likely to be a night to quarrel.

mood rescue: not enough sleep is not a good thing to physical and mental health, and should not have a long talk all night good hug to each other but sleep after sex more enjoyable. If you are lack of conversation, you can add some chance to go out to eat, or doing housework and talk for a while when watching TV, or you can prepare a notebook, write down important words want to say to each other, and last, you find when you turn your conversation is not less than all night long.