The first lady how to restore? The book method for the couple bumpy road

UK media, according to a book on the French President, Mrs Bree target & middot; Marolon new biography said, as she started with the teenage students of Mr Ma new el & middot; Marolon relationship where the local people are very surprised that some people write anonymous letter to her parents about this relationship, while others have to spit on the door of her parents’ home. This book highlights the pair was recognized by their conservative social circle before must overcome objections. DetailPic

the French President’s wife, and the President

according to The Times website reported on January 17, in the 1990 s, bree target, is the embodiment of the French provincial decent people. She was born rich family, married the wealthy bankers, teach at a private Catholic school.

the bree target & middot; marolon, free woman, “the author said, bree target, as a result of being seen with marolon 24 years younger than her walking in the streets of amiens, France, or lying beside him in the garden, and squeezed out by friends and family.

reported that she was French amiens church middle school teacher, a theatre workshop in the marolon was 14 years old. She once said, the second year after the two met in cooperation drama rehearsal school fall in love. Biographer horse el & middot; Brent wrote, & other; Rumors began to spread throughout the &; . The author said: & other; Relationship is very nervous. Bree’s maiden, Ronnie urban family on the light. Throughout the &; Bree target, brothers and sisters several years refused to talk to her.

brent quotes bree’s acquaintances wrote & other; She left her wounds never talk about this matter. But she sometimes mentioned, by the way, she lost all her friends. Throughout the &; Biography, said marolon family in amiens & other; Was trying to avoid & throughout; .

according to the report, bree’s ex-husband Ozzie Mr Know it immediately after break up with her, they divorced in 2006. Marolon and bree target, married a year later.

this biography, said bree target plays an important role in the rise of marolon, between expert opinion and confidant counsellors. Biography says, for example, between 2014 and 2016 marolon former economy minister, some staff working for marolon jealous of bree’s power and influence. She is still in marolon created the centre & other; The republic of forward & throughout; Sports play an inconspicuous but important role.