The first date is the best age to a few years old?

guide language: when children grow up to be teenagers, network when each fan & social way instead of the other; Sit at the same table of you & throughout; , and his first date. Parents can not help but ask myself, how old the kids started dating is the most appropriate age? The answer depends on many factors, including the child’s personality and maturity.

first date is the best age to a few years old? (photo: canopy creative)

it is clear that today’s teenagers and past. First of all, they like to go out in droves (this is not what we said before the two couples of double date, but a bunch of boys and girls go out to play together, go shopping or eating). As a result, fewer and fewer boys will invite the girl out on a date alone. Let alone like that year, call or face to face shyly, invite the girl to go to the movies. Now boys and girls will be invited by SMS or social networking site message each other out. However, teen dating culture & other; Throughout evolution &; Teens, does that mean for dating age has also changed? When what date is the most appropriate?

researchers say: dating early may have a negative impact

according to data from the American academy of pediatrics, on average, the children started to go out in groups of time, the girl is 12 and a half years old, a boy is 13 and a half. In the age of 15, they begin to go out alone dating pairs.

those who start date to children and those who wait until after age 16 to date are quite different between his children. According to a study published in the journal of adolescent studies, those between the ages of eleven and a half and 13 started dating, children may be more likely than their peers to encounter academic and behavioral problems. Due to psychological not mature enough, they meet in love had not been prepared some common emotional problems, and peers around and not the same experience, so only they try to solve the problem of those too complex. The researchers also refer to the data on the “Wall Street journal, points out that children in this age dating, it the risk of unsafe sex and alcohol abuse problems will increase. In teenagers as the research object, the most not dated before the age of 13, the so-called in & other; Baby boom in the late & throughout; The generation born for the most part only started dating at the age of 15 or so. And the children did not show serious behavioral problems and emotional problems.

it is important to note that many teenagers don’t just dating, they also have taken place in sex: the United States centers for disease control and prevention research shows that about 43% of adolescent girls and 42% of adolescent boys happened at least once.

experts say: 15 to 16 years old is the best age for dating

15 to 16 most experts think is the best age for dating. Ron pediatrician Eager is Denver health medical center, he told us that this & other; Magic number & throughout; Is 16. & other; A 16 years old and a 14 or 15 years old children in a completely different life experience. Throughout the &;

& other; 16 years of age, or bigger, is suitable for dating age, as long as their psychological mature enough. Throughout the &; Leslie Beth Wish to tell us. She is a psychologist and clinical social workers. & other; To judge the degree of maturity to which a child, you can pass if he would be willing to participate in household chores, whether can respect for others, whether it can achieve good grades and will manage your emotions to judge. Throughout the &;

it is important that when children produce feelings, don’t let them think it is a wrong thing, even if their age is smaller. & other; Parents should never be despised or laughed at the child’s first love. Throughout the &; Dr George Comerci said, he is from the United States Tucson pediatricians, & other; First love is a very important relationship to teenagers, one of the important reason is that it is their first and people outside the family have close relationship. Throughout the &;

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