The expert investigation: the most well-being of the age difference between husband and wife

recently, European scientists do, according to a survey of age is influenced the stability of the marriage of a key. University of bath Emanuel, Dr, and a tracking survey of 1534 couples, and the results showed that the best couple mode can strong marriage is both the male and the female have received higher education and there is no history of divorce, the man more than 5 years older than the woman at the same time. The researchers said, the wife more than five years younger than her husband is the most is not easy to age composition of conflict, they divorce rate for other 1/6 of the marriage.

what is the difference between husband and wife good

in addition, a study at the university of Vienna found that if the husband is 4 to 6 years older than his wife, bears the children the most; 15 years older than his wife and her husband, although the number of children is not much, but the most happy marriage life.

the domestic well-known marriage therapist guo-rong wang agreed. Three guo-rong wang said that this kind of marriage happiness, became the pillar of the family firm. The first point, happiness meet women & other; The trinity & throughout; Wish. In general, women dream of prince charming with the mature of the father, and brother care and friend’s vitality. And her husband older, psychological more mature, more comfortable feelings.

the second happiness, older husband usually have certain economic basis, reduce the risk of disputes arising from economic. The third point, happiness family less competitive. Husband, older women will naturally give out depend on the feeling and sense of obedience, reduce marital rights of competition, less friction.

if the disadvantage of this kind of marriage, south China normal university psychology professor xi-fu zheng thinks, in general, the average life expectancy for men was shorter than women, if the husband than his wife again much more, then likely will eventually become husband died, his wife alone alone.

female male small happiness also

as the saying goes, & other; Three female hold throughout the brics &; , while in ancient China, are often have big daughter-in-law young husband. Today, sister and the love is still dating a little not scenery line on the map.

guo-rong wang said, in fact, some asked family is very happy, although some men age is small, but the mental age is mature, and his wife, although older, but the mental age is also like a girl. Such family, psychologically, it is similar with male big female small family pattern.

other siblings, love the family, is the husband has the similar temperament characteristics, namely the male not too independent, want to continue to look for his mother’s feeling. For such a family, often can exist some disadvantages. First of all, no matter from physical or mental, female aging faster, while men also in the years of strong, easy to make the family not solid. Second, age, social significance in the established social evaluation, asked is easy to be confused and criticism, or disparage men & other; No man & throughout; , or women & other; The old cow eat young grass & throughout; And so on, these external expression to a certain extent, also to the family of the fence.

good men and women age communication

, 49, U.S. President barack Obama and his wife michelle younger than 3 years old, 17 years of married happiness enough to delimit them & other; Ideal couple & throughout; The ranks of the. The Chinese university of Hong Kong, associate professor of social science department asked that age, not our understanding of the special age, but the age the same, basically belongs to the same generation. Guo-rong wang pointed out that age are men and women age men and women or men than women under the age of 3. So to speak, in the concept of modern, this is undoubtedly the most ideal marriage mode.

asked, peer relationships is the foundation of love both sides on the psychological and physical harmony, this kind of marriage the most sustainable, has the six major benefits. It is easy to establish close relationship. The frequent interaction between the two is. Three is synchronous growth. Four is demand. Fifth, support for family and friends. Six is equally confident. Anyhow, similar age between lovers of social experience, life problems tend to unite as one, and long-term working can make both parties more thinking and axle, heart, formed a common cognitive model.

& other; The men and women age has many advantages, but also precisely because equality also can appear some problems. Throughout the &; Guo-rong wang said, age between husband and wife too easily about equality and form right competition, may often be to & other; Who’s in charge & throughout; And fight.

character more like more love

& other; Above three kinds of model is superior to have bad marriage, age does play an important role in the marriage, but the real decision marriage stable or not is not age. Throughout the &; Guo-rong wang said. First of all, in English & other; Love” Is by a Latin compression, this is Latin & other; It is a life lasting attention to others & throughout; .

guo-rong wang pointed out that this is what the true meaning of love of the husband and wife, that is the only love partner itself, rather than focus on external conditions, namely we often say & other; Height is not the problem, age is not the problem, looks like is not a problem throughout the &; . External conditions require less, love more strong.

secondly, studies have shown that the more similar character love more stable. Guo-rong wang said, the people often said between husband and wife complementary means that you want to have but not, and the spouse is, this is a kind of appreciation, rather than the opposite character.

in the end, to have identity. One is, after marriage, will have the idea of harmony with each other; The second is, to a level of education and life values. These are what determine the intrinsic factors of marriage stable or not.